Saab Dealer Tour – France

The team from Saab France have sent through a gallery of images from the first days of their tour. It’s wonderful to see people getting the chance to experience the new Saab 9-4x and 9-5. And it’s not just prospective customers, either.

One definite thing that is common to all stops around France so far …. The smiles on the faces whether it is from the customers or the dealers and their staff.

The cars are consistently praised as being the best Saabs ever from all aspects, technical or design.

The show must go on …

These dealer tours have been very important in terms of giving people a chance to see our news cars. Just as important, though, is the injection of insight and hope it gives for the staff in our distribution channels. For national organisations like Saab France, it’s a chance to deal with their contacts with new products, a welcome opportunity. And for dealers and service staff, it’s a chance to engage their customers with these new products and get some happy faces into the dealership.

It’s a welcome change for everyone. Here’s to making it a permanent one, and soon.

These images from three of the initial stops along the tour – Melun, Saint Quentin and Lille. Click this link for all of the dates and locations for the Saab Dealer Tour – France.

Click the images to enlarge.

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