Spanish Saab Dealer Tour – Zaragoza and Burgos

Amongst everything else that’s going on, it’s great to see that the Spanish Saab dealer tour has continued through the week with visits to Zaragoza and Burgos.

We have some new photos and stories from the engagements, below.



Below are some pictures from Artal en Zaragoza.

We had the local television station (Aragon TV) taking images, as well as the most important newspaper in the Aragon region (El diario de Aragón) were also there. Both of them are going to prepare reports.

This dealer has Lexus and Porsche showrooms and customers from these brands were invited. One customer who was going to renew his lease with Porsche, upon seeing the 9-4x came to ask about it and now he is thinking of changing his mind. Let’s see what happens!



Again, the local TV station was there, plus a lot of other local media. We get a lot of press coverage (without paying, which is always good!). Manuel Alcázar (our country director) gave an interview to “Burgos Televisión” and he talked about the products and a little bit about the company situation.

The manager of this dealer (Julián Alonso) is the president of the “Burgos Entrepreneur Association” so we had all the directors form local companies at the burgos event. It was very well received.


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