Do you know where I’ve been today? (Part 2)

Guesses as to what this is, and where it’s located, are welcome in comments….

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          1. Oh, right. Duh.

            Since there is no snow here currently (the winter has been unusually mild) I forgot that winter in Sweden is not Koenigsegg weather. 🙂

  1. I was going to guess that it was from the underside of an Ikea office chair, and that you were at the Ikea factory. Although what you’d be doing there, I have no idea. Koenigsegg is much cooler. =)

  2. Worn the door on your CCX out already Swade? You really should stop posing with it open for photographers at all those red-carpet events you go to on the hectic Hobart celebrity curcuit.

  3. I get it. This is a prelude to the next story as a follow up on a previous story, in which you reveal what your next daily driver will be. And here you had us thinking Acura and such!

    1. I’m such a trickster!

      Actually, there is a Ksegg Trevita for sale at the moment. One of only three. Not sure of the price, but I’m saving…..

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