Monthly Archive: April 2012

Hemmings Magazine Alfa Romeo 12

My Alfa GTV6 in Hemmings S&E magazine

I feel like a proud Dad! The guys at the Hemmings group of magazines are long-time Saab fans so it’s no big surprise that I’ve got to know a couple of them over the years. When I wrote about acquiring my Alfa Romeo GTV6 recently,...

anzac-day 10

ANZAC Day 2012

April 25 is ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand. It is the anniversary of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps troops (ANZACs) landing on a beach at Gallipoli, Turkey, on April 25, 1915. Australia became a nation on January 1, 1901. Prior to that...

Jeep Wrangler 16

Just how popular is Jeep?

I like the Jeep Wrangler. In fact, when I first visited my wife’s family in Canada back in 2004, I wanted to move to Vancouver and buy a Jeep. They were everywhere. They’re a cool looking vehicle, styled to look as tough and capable as...

new S5 26

A new love: Cervelo

After months of deliberation and literal/metaphorical tyre-kicking, I’ve finally bought a new bicycle.  Unusually for me, I resisted all manner of used bike deals and temptations (both online and off) and actually bought a new one. From a proper, bricks & mortar shop. Unheard-of for me,...

Weekend Snippets 13

Weekend Snippets

In today’s snippets entry – How do you know what tyres are good at what things? Sniff Petrol does Anders Breivik. Don’t eat the mother-cake! And how small an accident does it take to write off a Saab Turbo X? —— Pierre, over at the...

Targa Tasmania Display 1

Targa Tasmania 2012 – so far….

Targa Tasmania is the state’s premier motor racing event. It’s 5 days or so of tarmac racing, giving entrants the chance to see the state at high speed on closed public roads. Here are a few videos of the fun that’s been had so far....

Marlboro Ad 42

Has anyone tried an e-cigarette?

I just thought I’d throw this one out there….. My health is slowly deteriorating. I can feel it. I’ve been able to feel it for a while now. Things took a turn for the better when I was in Sweden as I was enjoying my...

A small ray of hope for Saab, thanks to Brightwell 8

A small ray of hope for Saab, thanks to Brightwell

For months now, we’ve heard GM spokesman James Cain come out and say things like this: TT: Why did you not agree to meet them? – We stand by our policy not to sell technology licenses to a new owner for Saab. TT: Not in...

Saab Factory 16

I used to work just below the B

Seen on The Local and recorded here for posterity. See the row of darkened windows on the top floor? I used to work one floor below those, around where the “B” is on the Saab sign, on the roof. *Sigh*