My Alfa GTV6 in Hemmings S&E magazine

Hemmings Magazine Alfa Romeo

I feel like a proud Dad!

The guys at the Hemmings group of magazines are long-time Saab fans so it’s no big surprise that I’ve got to know a couple of them over the years.

When I wrote about acquiring my Alfa Romeo GTV6 recently, I got an email from Mark McCourt asking if I’d mind if they did a little article on it in one of their coming editions?

Would I mind? 🙂

It was with great pleasure that I checked our PO Box today and found my copy of Hemmings Sport and Exotic Car for June 2012. And on page (sweet) 16…..


It’s great to see those pictures in print and nice to share some of the good experience of buying the Alfa. I’ll have to do some film and an update soon.

Here’s the cover. Saab fans might want to note that this issue also includes a buyers guide for the Saab 93, 95 and 96.

Hemmings is a great magazine. If you’re into older cars with character then it’s a must read (esp for people in the US). I’ve had the opportunity to read through a number of editions from time to time as Saab stories have popped up in there. It’s well worth a look. Check it out at your local news stands or get a subscription from the Hemmings website.

Thanks to Mark and Dave at Hemmings!

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  1. That’s pretty cool!

    I think I felt the same way my 9000 Aero made it on the “pages” of TS and then SU. I like Hemmings Sports and Exotic. Not the usual car magazine.

  2. I have my copy and sure enough, there’s your car! Bruce Turk is also in there with his lovely bull-nose 95.

  3. Was very pleased to see your car when I scanned through the new issue. Great publication and the folks on the staff of HS&EC are tremendous enthusiasts and it shows in their work.

  4. Looks absolutely fantastic. I like that magazine very much and it is delivered monthly to my house. Alfas have a nice sound, don’t they? All the best.

  5. Very nice. Congrats Steven!

    The only thing that could have made the piece better is if it had been written by a man who recently worked for SAAB in their media department. A good scribe I’ve been told.

    Hey…anybody at Hemmings…you listening? 😉

  6. Hi Swade,

    I saw on one of the Alfa forums that you were thinking about getting some SZ style wheels. Did you go ahead with it and if so in what sizes? I have just spent an absurd amount of money on a 3.5 litre Red GTV6 in the UK and have been thinking about the same wheels.

    1. Wow. A 3.5 litre?! Later model engine, I presume, or can you bore out the 2.5 that far?

      I didn’t proceed with the wheels. I’d love to, but it’s an extravagance I simply can’t justify at the moment. I would have gone for 17×8 most likely, maybe 17×7 on the front and 8’s at the rear. They do look very nice, however, and I would looooove to get them. But I have to save money for some other planned family things at the moment.

      Good luck with the car. Enjoy!

        1. I’ve seen the one on Youtube. It’s the one that inspired me to search for the SZ wheels. There’s a guy in England who makes them to order and references seem positive.

          Yours looks absolutely fantastic. If you do change the wheels, please let me know as I’d love to have yours on my car. Congratulations on the purchase.

          I’ve just come back from driving to the gym and back in mine (20kms each way to stretch the legs) and had a blast 🙂

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