Slides from the NEVS Saab acquisition press conference

They’re thin on detail, but here are what I consider are the important slides from the NEVS press conference at the Saab factory yesterday. I reproduced the press release yesterday.

As a side note, from watching the video, it was weird watching these strangers parading around in our presentation room at the end of the factory line!! I had the sudden realisation that I don’t like things happening there that I’m not a part of 🙁

The question as to whether NEVS can pull this off gets more fascinating by the minute. Their vehicles won’t be for everyone, but can they reach the people that they will be suitable for?

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Thoughts on Saab being sold to NEVS

NOTE: I don’t have any special insight into this sale whatsoever, nor any relationship with the new owners. These are just a bunch of scattered thoughts following a decent night’s sleep after yesterday’s announcement. They’re in no particular order and of no particular significance.

Can’t resist throwing this picture in again…..

John Travolta reacts to the electrifying news
John Travolta reacts to the electrifying news


My life changed unexpectedly back in 2007, when a bunch of prominent footballers retired from playing Australian Rules Football (the greatest game on earth and my absolute favourite sport). They were all around my age and in one fell swoop, it felt as if the baton had been passed from my generation to the next.

American Saab fans should probably feel the same way today. With the sale of Saab to NEVS, America is no longer the intended primary market for what might be labelled as Saab vehicles (naming rights are still under discussion, apparently). Your protestations and fist shaking will be noted, but the days of designing a Saab vehicle with the tastes of US consumers first and foremost in mind are over.

I’m not sure of that’s a good thing or a bad thing. For now, it’s just a thing. But a notable thing.

I wonder if there’s a Chinese version of Bob Sinclair somewhere in the New World?

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