Lego Great Ball Contraption

A friend posted this on Facebook and I was mesmerised. I just had to share it here.

You might rattle on about someone having too much time on their hands, etc, etc, but deep down you know you wish that you could do this.


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  1. That is simply outstanding!! Two things come to mind:
    1. There must be $20000 worth of Lego used.
    2. My kids will want to know why their Dad can’t do this!!


  2. From the engineers point of view,

    incredibly cool !!!

    It is not only him having too much spare time, it is him designing it, testing in and putting all this together. He (or she) hasn’t simply bought some boxes of Lego and put them together as specified, he has designed every single mechanism you see in the video. This is worth a Ms. c. !!! As many guys with such a title would fail trying to build it.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Where’s the spontaneity in this? It’s not as if you could create this from a standard set of Lego.It’s been purpose built for sure. Clever all the same. I do like it.

  4. A mountain of production technology know how was built during that exercise.
    Quite a few different principles of moving objects on a line.

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