A couple of old Holdens

I’ve written a bit about my fears for Holden’s future given the small role the company plays in General Motors’ global portfolio.

I’ll risk sounding like an old country and western song and show you why I fear for them – the old they don’t make them like they used to thing.

I took some of these photos a few months ago at a small-town art festival in a town called Mirboo North, where they had a parade of locally owned classic vehicles going down the street. Two other shots were just last weekend at a local school fair here in Hobart.

These are some of the old Holdens that I love, the types of family car that Holden built much of their foundation on here in Australia (a lot of it was built on racing, too). Unfortunately, that foundation was built largely before they had serious competition from competent car builders elsewhere. Holden, like GM in America, had close to 50% market share in Australia at one point, before Ford got serious in Australia, and before the Japanese came into the market and ate both Holden and Ford’s lunches.

Anyway, these are some of my favourite old-school Holdens, primarily from the 1960s with a ute from the 1970s thrown in as well.

My personal favourite is the EH Holden from around 1963/4. There are two of them in the gallery below, one dark red and the other blue. I’ll take an EH wagon in storm grey, thanks.