Australian Football in London this weekend

Just a quick tip for any English types who’d like to see how Australians play football, there’ll be a game on at The Oval this weekend.

Port Adelaide will be playing against the Western Bulldogs in an exhibition game organised by the Australian Football League. Both are bona fide teams within the competition here, so this isn’t a bunch of bozos from the bush you’d be seeing. These guys will be contesting the premiership here in Australia next year.

Having said that, if the AFL had a relegation zone then these two teams would have been very close to it last year, and they’ll be resting some of their star players for this game. Still, it should be a good show featuring some genuine players of the future.

There’ll be no rolling around on the ground clutching a lower leg while pretending to scream with pain (unless, of course, the leg is broken and causing genuine pain). It might just be a refreshing change for you poms to see some real physical competition 🙂

The Elastoplast AFL European Challenge
Saturday November 3
Kia Oval
1pm JLT All-Stars v Continent
3.30pm Western Bulldogs v Port Adelaide

Tickets are on sale now at Adults £20 / Children £5.


You won’t see footy of this quality there, but you’ll still see some good football.

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  1. Even if the crowd numbers are low it’d be just like a home game for port! I’ve seen more people in the waiting room at the dentist than at a port game. They’re more interested too.

  2. ” …a chance to see some real physical competition”

    I’ve never been a team sports fan for any football code; for me AFL is a group of thugs having a brawl and incidentaly kicking a ball around. The behaviour is anything but sporting. A good, fast-flowing game of soccer is at least somewhat artistic and skilful to watch, even though the ‘art’ does border on theatrical at times.

  3. Well, I’m both: Born there and a citizen here since 1994 🙂
    You can take the Pom out of England and etc. Come from a long line of motoring enthusiasts.
    Played the World Game and Rugby at school with little success but found my niche in running (and later cycling).

  4. I’m totally uninterested football/soccer/whatever… But their clothing in the video above reminds me of German football player in 70s… 🙂

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