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I hope you’ve enjoyed the Inside Koenigsegg series so far. You’ve learned about carbon fibre, painting the cars, trimming the interiors and whole lot more.

If you were only going to get excited about one episode of this series, though, this is the one. In this episode, Christian takes you through the heart of a Koenigsegg car – its engine. I’m sure you’re going to be blown away not only by what they do, but by the potential for the future, too. Just imagine when they combine their already impressive engine tech with Cargine camless valve technology from last week. Mind boggling!

The one thing that amazes me about Koenigsegg – and I might be wrong in saying this but I believe it to be true – they’re the only hypercar manufacturer in the world that design and produce their own engines from scratch. Others will get an engine from Mercedes or BMW or GM and hype it up to their own specifications but at Koenigsegg, that’s not good enough. That’s the extent of their commitment to delivering the absolute best product that your money can buy.

Enjoy this video. And as a tip, keep an eye on the lamp behind Christian when he’s talking to camera with the engine on the engine stand. You’ll see the LEDs change colors from time to time. That lamp is custom made from carbon fibre and based on the tail lamps of Koenigsegg’s cars. They used to offer them for sale but a quick look at the Koenigsegg Lifestyles Shop tells me they don’t anymore.


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  1. “It is truly, remarkably extreme.” Yes, yes it is. 🙂

    And as for the trickle-down technology that could produce a 1.6L engine with 300hp? Yes, please.

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