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Jason Castriota’s Saab 9-3 replacement has been all over the web for the last few weeks. It’s been good to see the images get out there and the quality has steadily improved.

Here’s the latest gallery from Auto Motor and Sport

I’ve got a few thoughts about the car and I hope to share them some time soon but I need some time with Jason first, which has been difficult to organise since Geneva. Hopefully that’s a good sign.

What do you think about the pictures you’ve seen so far?


If you own a Saab 99 Turbo then my advice is to either restore it or keep it in pristine condition. The 99 Turbo seems to be THE most collectable Saab at the moment thanks to its status as the beginning of Saab’s turbo revolution and its relative rarity. The wrap it got on Top Gear probably helped, too.

Exhibit #1 is this 99T that a mate in Sweden spotted for sale on Blocket this week for a cool 120,000SEK. That’s US$18,500 or 14,200 Euros at today’s rates.




Personally speaking, my gold-silver-bronze collectible Saabs would be the 99T, a Sonett and a Viggen.

Please don’t be angry that I left the 900 off that list. I’d gladly have a 900, too, but only after I took care of the first three.


Things have been quiet here for the last week and for those who don’t already know why, here’s an explanation.

Last week I had the good fortune to get in touch with a motoring publication here in Australia and pitch some work to them. Their books were full in terms of full-time and freelance writers, but they were familiar with my background and were interested to get a first look at whatever I might be working on. I told them about a series i’ve been working on for a little while now and whilst there are no promises, we’ve worked together on Instalment #1 and it looks like they’re interested!!

I’m really excited at getting a toe in the front door. This development, along with a few other things, has kept me quite busy all week.

It also means that this site’s probably going to be pretty quiet for at least the next few weeks, maybe longer. It’s been an amazing week in terms of just learning how to write for a different audience. Blogging is such a me-focused activity (this post is a prime example). Even when you’re sharing news there’s always the personal interpretations that inevitably get thrown in. Writing for an unattached audience is a whole different ballgame and seeing the edits of my first article has driven home just how much I have to learn. The process has been very enriching.


I’ve also got some editorial work to do for an old friend and that’s going to take some time, too. Very interesting stuff, though.

Add to that some website work with my nephew on MyTradeQuote and helping out Mrs Swade with PJ Paintings and my dance card is quite full.


Then there’s the car shopping, which has been totally absorbing and frustrating all at the same time. I’ll spend some time on the latest contender tomorrow. The Alfa hasn’t sold yet, which is the frustrating part. In fact, there’s been barely any interest at all. It’s a good car, though, and it’ll sell eventually.


If you’re looking for something to pass the time this weekend, DeutscheWelle has a great series of car videos on YouTube called Drive It!

They drive some modern cars but also some real classics in this series. Sample below.

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  1. Glad to see that you’ll be doing stuff that you want to do there Swade– if you love your vocation, it isn’t really a job, and that’s a wonderful situation to be in.

    Liking the Castriota Saab more and more– I imagine that the more baroque fiddly bits and filigrees on the side flanks would not make it to production, and that’s a good thing.

    Really, nothing about the upcoming footy season? You really must be busy! Do you have any predictions for most improved team this year? GWS, GC and the Demons all look likely to rise above their 2012 finishing positions.

    1. Not there yet, mate. Still have some work to do, but thanks very much for the positive thoughts. It’s where I’d really like to be.

  2. Agree with your Gold / Silver / Bronze Saab selection. For me the 99T would have to be a 2-door as I think that has the best proportions.
    All the best for your ventures!

  3. Forgot to comment on the Castriota design. While no car could ever look as good as the 99T (really). I now like the Castriota design. It deviates from the normally clean smooth look of prior Saab designs but it looks strong and firmly planted. The ridges are derided by many but I can see where they may be designed to control airflow, directing the flow and keeping it laminar over the car. I think they would also add some rigidity to the large panels which might otherwise have a sub-audible resonant vibration which is known to cause discomfort on long trips, even though the vibrations are undetectable by the human ear. Thus, form follows function, a Saab design ethos. I guess we’ll never know if it would have been a success.
    By the way, high-res (1600×900) images can now be found at (“_dot_” ==> “.”):

  4. Well, I almost cried when the pictures of the mule leaked out because it was so ugly. But these pictures are really nice. It looks like a Saab and is really cool. Thought I´d never say that about Castriotas work, being a fan of Lo and Padian.

  5. I too forgot to comment on the JC 93 design. Agree with @saabyurk about the 99T and the comment about the “normal clean smooth look of prior Saab designs”. It’s growing on me, looks like nothing else on the road, and like the new 95 probably needed to be seen in the metal to fully appreciate it. The 95 is still a stunning sight to see on the road.

    Now NEVS, where did you say the batteries went?

  6. JC Saab is beautiful. It´s so much SAAB one can realistically hope for. It looks retro in a certain way without actually being a retro. And the lines from a sideway are totally new to Saab even though it has ,ay cues from the past. JC really did the job. And all for nothing. Which is too bad to be true.

  7. As seems to be the case with every Saab, the design must be let to grow. Most Saabs usually looks slightly awkward at first. But given time, the get really beautiful.

    I would like to add the 750GT to your gold-silver-bronze-list. 🙂

  8. What a nice car that would have been. Reminded me immediately of the 900 5-door from years gone buy. It would also be stunning as a 3-door. What a shame.

    Never was able to like the last 9-5 sedan. Just something about it that did not appeal to me. It was just OK when I saw pics of it, but when I got the chance to see some in the flesh, just did nothing for me at all. I did like the last 9-5 SC a bit more, but this 9-3 would have definitely been in my garage, had it made it into production.

    Steven, best of luck with the journalism prospects, you are long overdue for some good news on that front. 🙂

  9. Steven,
    I’m pleased to hear of your good fortune on the journalistic front. You so richly deserve a chance to expand your talents in your preferred vocation.
    My good wishes for the future.

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