Merry Christmas 2013


It’s Christmas Eve here in Australia.

We’ve had a BBQ dinner, played a few family games and ‘Carols by Candlelight’ is on the telly. I’ve got some presents left to wrap before they get distributed at our family lunch tomorrow.

All you northern hemisphere types might be interested to know that it’ll be 27 degrees C here tomorrow, with light winds. A perfect Aussie Christmas. We’ll be doing our customary crepe breakfast and then a leg of lamb and a turkey roll for lunch. Yummo!

Christmas on the beachAnd no, just as you can’t imagine having a Christmas without snow, I can’t imagine having Christmas any time other than summer. Santa wears shorts down here.

Thanks for stopping by through the year and reading my crap. I hope it was at least mildly entertaining, if not actually interesting. The fact that people take the time to click on a headline and read a story is very gratifying. I get lazy occasionally, but always have in mind the fact that you don’t have to stop here. You choose to. And for me, that means putting something together that’s worth reading. I’ll be the first to say I don’t always get there, but know that I’ll always try to make it worthwhile.

Thanks for sharing your stories with me, too. This is a two-way street, a way for me to share news and stuff with some friends around the world, but to learn from those friends, too.

This Christmas, I’m thankful for your time, your knowledge and your willingness to share a little of both with me.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends. For those missing family or friends this year, I hope you find some comfort. For those who might have had a near miss this year, enjoy every moment.

And if you’re not celebrating Christmas for religious or philosophical reasons, then I hope you have a good old regular day.

For those who wish to partake, here’s a Christmas flash-mob conducted by Darth Vader.



I’ll still be posting regularly between Christmas and New Year’s.

Make sure you come back late on Boxing Day for a cracker of a read I’ll be linking to about the Goodwood Festival of Speed. It’s outstanding!


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  1. Have a great (warm) Christmas. It is very stormy here with gales and snow but we are a hardy bunch in the north so we will see it through.
    Hope Santa has a safety harness on his sleigh as he will need it over the UK tonight!
    Thanks for all your posts this year. Dropping in is no hardship when the writing is good and the information interesting.
    Wishing you all in Oz and around the world a very joyous and peaceful Christmas from Scotland.
    Cuore Sportivo e Buon Natale!

  2. Merry Christmas Swade ! Looking forward to a new year full of your greats posts.

    PS: 6 degrees C here in Sibiu, Romania, the worst case scenario. Neither snow nor truly warm weather 🙁

  3. And a very happy christmas to you too Steven! Thanks for a fascinating read all year. I never miss a feature and always feel enriched by the experience.

    Here in the UK, a bit of settled weather would be nice!! Should be fun here over the next couple of days!!

    But, in a few days time we’ll be off to our winter wonderland in Russia, spending happy, vodka filled days with my wife’s family at our “dacha” 🙂

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  4. Merry Christmas, Swade! Thank you for doing what you do, and I hope you continue doing what you do for many years to come.

    We’ve had plenty of snow this year in Clevland, Ohio, but it melted in the last week. Thankfully, I woke up this morning in a winter wonderland, which is a lovely thing on Christmas.

  5. Swade, may you and yours have a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.
    It’s always a pleasure to read your articles and see your view on items of interest and import. Keep up the good work.
    Kind regards from a rather blustery North East Scotland.

  6. Merry Xmas Swade and Trish. Up here at Orford, mid-20s, clear skies, belly full of ham and 4 crays in the boiler. Proper Tasmanian Christmas.

  7. Merry Christmas Swade and family! Enjoyed reading the blog this year, you’ve covered a diverse range of topics and marques, and it’s always been interesting. All the best for 2014, hope it brings all the Italian cars you desire (or at least one). By the way, just 16 degrees here in Bowral!

    1. I’ve got Alfa fever this morning. Maybe it’s an itch that’ll be scratched this year. Would love it to be Lancia, though.

      Have a great Christmas, Dan.

  8. Merry Christmas for all of us here at Mountain Creek .A beautiful day overcast and 24C instead of 34C .It’s overcast form the tail of the cyclone forming off Western Australia

    Good luck for 2014 and believe me its always a good read on this site even if I don’t always agree with the writer.

    Bill P

  9. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!!

    Mr. Wade, you definitely put forth posts that are worth reading. I have received a great experience and education from reading your blogs over the years.

  10. Merry Christmas, Steven! Visiting family here in western North Carolina where it is cold, but no snow this year…but the cold just helps the Saab turbo get a little better gas mileage…so that’s good. It is always interesting or entertaining to read you blog and I appreciate your time to write your thoughts for us to read. Enjoy the holidays and may 2014 be a great year for you and Mrs. Swade!

  11. When I left Michigan on the 24th, my Saab SID showed a temperature of -25 C! Spending the holidays in SoCal where it is 20+ C is much better. I think I am getting too old for the northern climate and dark winters.

    I don’t celebrate Christmas because of non-religious reasons (you didn’t mention that as being an option.. 😉 but it is always nice to get away for the holidays. Keep up the good work, I always enjoy to visit here and see what’s new in Swade’s world. Happy Winter Solstice..!

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