Free Parking with a Lotus Super 7


I used to own a 1965 Lotus Super 7.

If you know these cars, you’ll know that you can take the windscreen off and add some aero shields. I also opted to not have the roll bar that people usually fit to a series 2 at the factory. It wasn’t exactly safe, but it looked period.

Gav at speed trials 1lotus 7

I took the car for a run one Saturday, and towards the end my wife called and asked me to pick up some things on the way home. I was heading through down-town Melbourne so I decided to stop at one of the multi-story car parks in the city.

The car park was free of charge for the first hour, and $5 per hour thereafter. The shopping centre seemed full to the brim with staggering zombie shoppers and it felt like my few small errands took ages, but I figured I was still within the “1st hour free” zone.

Alas, when I came out, there was a big line up as the automatic ticket machine wasn’t working. We had to wait until it was fixed and the backlog of people were put through.

By my calculations, I was still on the button for the first hour to be free, but the parking attendant who came to fix the machine was not interested. …. “sorry mate, you have gone past the time”.

So I casually walked away, hopped in to the 7 and drove up to the exit, adjacent to the footpath where the attendant had fixed the ticket machine and was about to insist, again, that I had gone over my free hour.

It’s at this point that I must, once again, draw your attention to the lack of a full windscreen or rollbar on my Lotus Super 7 🙂

As usual with such establishments, the entrance and exits were fitted with boom gates, etc, to stop people getting in and out without paying. Lots of people were watching as I approached the boom gates (the 7 wasn’t exactly a quiet car and had a tendency to draw attention). Those same people let out a few small cheers as I casually ducked under the boom gate and pulled directly into traffic.

First hour free!


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  1. Ha! Sometimes if I have my Sonett III out on the interstate freeway (which I usually try and avoid), I feel as if it would almost go underneath a big tractor trailer truck….something I hope I never have to test….which is why I tend to stay in city or country roads. 🙂

  2. Funny you had a seven , to continue on the Sonett / Seven topic, I have a car with no windshield, and the Swedish registration paper reads “SuperSonett”.
    Seven chassis and saab 9000 Turbo engine. Maybe the best of two worlds 🙂

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