Weekend Video – The Story Of The Alpine A110


The video below goes for 26 minutes. It features some of the worst sound mixing I’ve ever heard and I’m amazed it was allowed to go public with an international company’s name on it.

But I’m so glad it did.

This video gives a brief history of Alpine and a longer history of one of the most beautiful little sports cars ever made – the magnificent Alpine A110 Berlinette.

The narrator’s accent actually sounds like an Englishman mimicking a Frenchman. It’s fantastic. But put aside the laughs and the occasionally terrible sound mixing and you’ll get an education in French sports cars that you’re not likely to forget in a hurry.

Take it in. Enjoy. And have a très bien weekend.


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  1. “The narrator’s accent actually sounds like an Englishman mimicking a Frenchman.”

    Believe me, it is the other way around…

  2. Loved!! seeing the inside of the Dieppe factory, and that 17Gordini sitting in the background. Had a 17TL a few years back, hotted it up in the Gordini way, and yes it drove like a gokart on rails. Light, quick, quirky and a style all of its own. Even managed to tow my boat with it. 4m car pulling a 6m boat was rather amusing to those who overtook just to get a look. To get the car to drive round a corner properly fast meant you had to bury your right foot and steer through. Hot camshaft, carbies, exhaust, springs brakes, wheels, box, bodywork, repaint, leccy windows, carpet, the lot. Always hankered after a real Alpine, alas Non. Beyond the reach of mere mortals even 25 years ago. Where are they now I have to ask….?

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