Classics By The …… College – March 2014

It’s the first Sunday of the month and normally that means Classics By The Beach here in Hobart. Today, though, was a little bit different.

I went down to ‘Classics’ like I usually do and this was the scene:

Classics by the beach

Pretty desolate.

The reason it was so quiet at Classics this morning is because of the annual Shannons Classic Car Show on the other side of the river, just down the hill from my place. The Shannons show is held on the lawns adjacent to Rosny College, a big expanse of green just ripe for the filling with classic metal.

Here’s a look at some of the cars that caught my eye. Be warned – there are a LOT of photos here, but then it’s a big show.


One of the first cars we saw upon entering the show area was this McLaren MP4-12C. I’ve seen it on the streets just once so it was great to see it up close.


Bear in mind that the cheapest available MP4-12C currently for sale in Australia is selling for $350,000. So it looks a little strange sitting next to a custom painted Kia, but such is the egalitarian nature of a show like this.


The owner of this car looked like a very regular guy. He had no qualms about leaving the doors open for photos. In fact, he was chatting with a young guy and went to look at the young guy’s car – some 75 or so meters away – and just left the McLaren open while he did so.

I’m sad to say that while I was full of admiration for this car’s precision and execution, it didn’t strike me as something with a lot of soul. It’s clinical rather than characterful. Maybe a drive would prove me wrong.

Some more pics:

Strangely, the McLaren didn’t seem to be getting too much attention. I have the distinct feeling that that was because there isn’t too high a percentage of attendees at a show like this who know what it is. The average Australian car show isn’t the most sophisticated gathering.

This car took me back to my youth in a big way.

This is a Purvis Eureka – an Australian designed and made kit car that was all the rage back in the 1980’s. They were made in Melbourne, where I grew up, so they weren’t that hard to spot on the roads when I was a young’un.


The Eureka has a party trick that will remind Saab fans of a particular concept from a few years ago. Note the upper part of the structure:


And here’s how you get in and out of the car:


The Eureka is based on a Volkswagen Beetle chassis and had either a Beetle boxer four engine, a Ford inline four or a Mazda rotary.

More pics:

Let’s go from one kit car to another.

The car below is called a Superlite Coupe. It’s an American made kit car that sells ready-to-assemble for around $44,000. You then have to add your choice of drivetrain but the most popular choice, according to the manufacturer, is GM’s series of LS V8’s. Details here.

This car has a 6.3 litre V8 making around 435hp, a Porsche G50 gearbox, massive front and rear Brembo brakes and a claimed 0-100km/h time of just over 3 seconds and a top speed of 340km/h. Ominously, the owner’s spec sheet said that both of these are ‘yet to be confirmed’.

It does look like a kit car, even up close, but it’s one of the better kit car executions I’ve seen.

The Holdens

There was a reasonable spread of vehicles at the Shannons show today but this is an Australian show and Australian shows, typically, are Holden vs Ford.

Here are some of the Holdens that caught my eye, along with a number of other GM cars…… presented without comment.

The Fords

It’s funny. I’ve owned maybe six or seven cars related to GM over the years, but I’ve never owned a Ford. And looking at the respective Holden vs Ford photos, I can’t help but wonder why. I’ve always liked them, but never bought one.

I’ll highlight one car here before proceeding with the gallery. This is probably my favourite ford of all time, and the example presented here is exactly how I’d like to own it. It’s an XP Falcon Coupe in white with red trim, and a 289 V8 fitted under the hood. Perfect.





And now to the general Ford gallery. Mustangs reign supreme here, but the red V6 Capri is the notable vehicle for me.

The Others

Some of the other cars that aren’t Holdens or Fords….. (and yes, I’ve just realised there’s one Ford in there, but it’s too late for me to mess around changing things)

Notable vehicles for me are the Datsuns (180B SSS, 260Z and the orange 1600) and the dark red Dodge Charger with a signed photo of Paris Hilton in it. The owner insists it’s the actual car used in House Of Wax.

The Wierd

What would a car show be without a little bit of weird stuff?

This rat-rod looked like it had some other car’s front on its rear. Extra points awarded for the hand-grenade gear change and the beer can steering column cover. I’m not sure what the fire extinguisher is for, but it was hinged along its length, so I’m guessing it might be an improvised glove box.






A chopped and dropped Toyota FJ 4WD….



A Mazda RX4 with more custom work than you could poke a stick at……





And finally, the two best mullet haircuts I’ve seen in a long, long time.


Advance Australia Fair.


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  1. Great post. Looks like the white Interceptor was at Sandy Bay? It always amazes me the quality of some of the cars tucked away in garages here in Hobart, and each year at this show I see something I have not seen before that blows me away.
    Not seen that Eureka before, though I think I saw one on Carsales in that colour recently so it may be new to town. I was pleased that it had a bigger crowd looking at it than the Maclaren parked behind it as I walked past.

  2. only seen one McLaren on the road here in perth, guess our gst contribution is paying for the tassie one lol…..

  3. Again, what a variety! A McLaren and a Kia. Crazy.

    The ‘rat rod’ has what appears to be a Ford V8 logo on the grille, and the rear is reminiscent of the Auburn Speedsters of the 1930’s/1940’s (?). Every car maker wanted to knock off the Auburn then, so I’m guessing that it’s the Ford ‘boat tail’ car whatever that would have been.

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