Do What You Say You’re Going To Do

My mechanic did the right thing. He called me as soon as he realised the balance belt wasn’t the right one for the 968.

I did the right thing. I called a parts place in Melbourne and ordered another one, post haste, because I need the car this weekend for a drive day with some friends.

The parts guy tells me he did the right thing. He says he posted the belt via Express Post, which is Australia Post’s overnight service. Please note that Melbourne is the closest mainland city to Tasmania – one hour by air – so it’s not like the part was coming halfway around the world.

The part was ordered on Wednesday.

It’s 2pm on Friday as I write this and the parts guy tells me that the tracking code doesn’t even show up as a job on Australia Post’s computer.




Consider this as another downward aspect of the Porsche owning experience. I know it’s not the car’s fault, but why does everything associated with it have to be so damn hard, and so damn expensive?

Porsche Australia wanted $330 for this belt. FOR A BELT!!!!

I ended up getting it for the bargain price of $150.

Plus postage, of course.

I can only hope the belt works better than the postage does.


UPDATE: Australia Post can’t find the parcel in their system. It most likely wasn’t scanned when they picked it up. Providing it’s not completely lost, it may still arrive this afternoon, or Monday, or…..



UPDATE II: The guy from Australia Post tells me they don’t always scan the bar code when they pick parcels up. The priority when it’s Express Post is to get it on the plane.

What’s the bloody point of having a bar code on the parcel if no-one scans the thing?!?!?! Does it take so bloody long to scan a bar code that it’s going to cause the parcel to miss the plane???

Now they have no parcel logged in their system and I have no idea when it’s going to arrive.


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  1. mate… like most things it might well have got there quicker if you’d ordered it from the UK or Germany or US, or pretty much anywhere other than inside Australia. I know your pain!

  2. I am feeling your pain… I live with it every single day. Judging by your reaction you would not enjoy living in China : )

    On a different note, if that is your house in the photo then you are a very lucky man.

    1. Just another reason I wouldn’t be a good long-term resident in the Middle Kingdom 🙂

      You spending some time there, Joe?

  3. If it makes you feel any better, I recently sent something within the US via the US Postal Service. Their Express Mail product has a quoted 2-3 day delivery. My package, which needed to go an exurb of Boise, ID (the largest city in that state), was scanned and a delivery date of the following Tuesday was quoted (3 biz days). It still quoted that Tuesday a week and a half later when it was delivered. So, I paid a premium for a package that took a full 11 days to arrive.

    1. Don’t feel bad. I’ll go you one better (or worse).

      Our accountant, who lives 32 miles (52km) away, recently put our income tax forms in First Class US Mail…and it took EIGHT DAYS to receive them…and WE pick up our mail from our Post Office Box….at the Post Office. No delivery vehicle involved. 🙁

      I could have WALKED there and back to pick them up, and still had 7 days left over to recuperate.

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