Tuesday Reading – Museo Lamborghini, Affordable 911, Minisense, 2002 Reasons, Bespoke Alfa, Silly Fiat

Long time, no write.

We’ve just had a long weekend and I spent much of it back in my home town – Melbourne – visiting my family. A great time was had by all and I can’t wait to get back there again. Soon, I hope.

Meanwhile, in the motoring world…..

Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior

When people talk classic cars, they always talk originality. It’s keeping the car original that brings in the big bucks, right?

Sometimes that’s great. But sometimes it’s a bit like buying a new car in silver or white purely because you want to preserve the re-sale or trade-in value. Sometimes the more courageous path is to make the car your own, but tastefully.

I reckon the owner of this Alfa GT 1300 Junior has done just that. See more at Petrolicious.



BMW 2002

How did I not have the BMW 2002 on my 2014 Automotive Bucket List? Or any other bucket list, for that matter?

Seriously? Just look at it.


Consider it a lock for the 2015 list.


Grab Bag

That BMW 2002 picture, and plenty of other inspiring automotive images, are part of this week’s “assorted grab bag of stuff we like” from Motoring Con Brio.

Subscribe and get this goodness whenever they share it. It’ll lift your week(end).


Affordable 911

Well, sort of……

In recent history, the phrases “matching numbers” and “911” with a year in the 1970’s associated with his has meant some pretty exorbitant pricing.

When I spotted this 911 for sale on my feeds earlier today, the bids were at a mere $15,000 US dollars, making this one of the more affordable Porsche 911’s in recent memory. The black paint isn’t original, but car looked pretty tidy.


Sadly, the sale has now been cancelled by the vendor. What’s the bet he’s got wise and will re-list with an extra $20K on the price tag?


Mini Makes Sense

BMW have long been the kings of providing answers to questions nobody was asking.

BMW X6, anyone?

The disease spread to their Mini division some time ago with the Pokemon Paceman, Coupe and Roadster turning a legitimate modern motoring icon into a bit of a laugh.

It seems that Mini have seen sense and are planning on canning the extra Minis and concentrating on their core as they roll out the new 3rd generation Mini range:

Asked if the company was planning new versions of the hatch-based two-seat Coupe and Roadster models, Mini product management chief Oliver Friedmann told industry journal Automotive News Europe: “It’s not decided but most probably this is not a priority.”

Damn right, it’s not.

And while you’re considering what to do with Mini in the future, stop making it so bloody fat.


Hope Springs Eternal

The head honcho at Hyundai North America’s design team does automotive art in his spare time.

Really nice automotive art.


Maybe there’s hope for one of the most derivative-design-driven car companies, after all.


Jolly Good Price

This is not a golf cart. It’s a Fiat Jolly and it sold at auction last weekend.

Take your guess as to how much it fetched. I’ll reveal the answer in comments …. later.



Lovely Lamborghinis

Sant’Agata Bolognese isn’t the meal that Italian kids leave for Father Christmas on December 24. It’s a town just outside Modena, in northern Italy, and it’s the home of Museo Lamborghini – the Lamborghini Museum.

Andrew Coles at Any Given Reason visited the Lamborghini Museum as part of his European automotive tour last year and his pictorial from the visit is wonderful to behold.

The Miura would have to be one of the top 3 car designs ever, wouldn’t it?



Have a great week, everyone.

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  1. Love that Alfa. Well done.

    Yes, the Muira is one of the best-looking cars ever,

    BMW isn’t building any new Minis, but they’re introducing the X4 this fall. Just not my cup o’ tea.

  2. Wow! That Alfa is gorgeous! The owner obviously spent a lot on both the first set of upgrades and then the full body restoration. But since he plans to keep it, he will obviously get to enjoy his investment.

  3. Thanks Swade, hours worth of gainful employment on commercial matters now be neglected with just the click of a few links. If only you delivered coffee and croissants as well…….

  4. What do you reckon that ’02 is worth then? Scary money now. Polaris silver metallic is the best color for an old BM. And you can still front up to the parts desk and get everything for it. You pay, certainly you pay…but you can get the bits and keep it running well for another 40 years.

    1. It was considered, but there’d be too much explaining to do about who’s who and what’s what. And the most interesting question coming from it is who’s going to be the official opposition.

      But…. feel free to insert your “Tassie just lives off WA’s GST contribution” in comments here 🙂

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