The Outsider View of Hillary Clinton

I wrote a piece last week on Donald Trump so it’s only fair that I write a piece this week on Hillary Clinton, right?

It should be noted that an hour or so before I began writing this article, the FBI announced that it has discovered a bunch of new emails that it considers may be relevant to the previously closed investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server. Consequently, the FBI is going to review these emails to see if any classified information is included and whether the emails appear relevant to the enquiries they’ve made previously.

This is all fair enough. Clinton has admitted publicly that her use of a private server was an error of judgement. The FBI has investigated and said that the practice was extremely careless but that no charges would be brought against anyone. It’s right and fair that they look at this new content.

ct-hillary-clinton-emails-kass-1030-20161028Clinton says that she wants the voting public to see these emails as soon as possible, that a bomb like this should not be dropped on the public just 11 days before an election without more information. I think she has a fair point. I think if this issue had Donald Trump at the core instead of Hillary Clinton, the cries about a rigged system would be deafening and the pitchforks would finally come out of the shed.

Donald Trump’s reaction to this news sums up The Clinton Situation quite succinctly, I think. At his rally in New Hampshire only minutes after the news came through, he said the following, as quoted in the New York Times:

“Hillary Clinton’s corruption is on a scale we have never seen before. We must not let her take her criminal scheme into the Oval Office.”

After deriding the F.B.I. for weeks as inept and corrupt, Mr. Trump went on to praise the law enforcement agency.

“I have great respect for the fact that the F.B.I. and the D.O.J. are now willing to have the courage to right the horrible mistake that they made,” Mr. Trump said. “This was a grave miscarriage of justice that the American people fully understand. It is everybody’s hope that it is about to be corrected.”

The nutshell, as per the mind of the right:

Clinton is guilty. Anybody who says otherwise, regardless of who they are and whether they should be worthy of respect or not, is inept and corrupt (unless they eventually agree with us, then they’re OK).

The Clintons are a massive target. They’ve been involved in public life in one way or another since Bill Clinton took over the job of Arkansas Attorney General in the late 1970s. When you’ve been involved in politics for that long, you make a lot of contacts. And when you’ve been successful in politics for that long – and despite their controversies, they have been successful – you make a LOT of enemies.

Those enemies are now lining up, foaming at the mouth. Everyone wants to be The Man who Brought Down The Clintons. It’s got to the point now where nobody’s crossing lines of decency or morality anymore because those lines have been erased.

There is no moral line in America’s public discourse right now. People have been offered $5,000 to interrupt Clinton rallies shouting that Bill Clinton is a rapist. You’d be forgiven for thinking that that is an extremist position and there’s no way someone making an offer like that could get close to the next President. But no.

The guy making the offer was granted an interview with Trump during the primary season and Trump has spouted some of his ‘globalist’ conspiracy theories at times during the campaign.

This is the depth to which people seem happy to drag what is supposed to be the highest office in the United States, one of the most responsible positions in the world. All in the name of bringing Hillary Clinton down. The political hucksters of the right want her head on their wall and there are no bridges-too-far in this quest.


What do I think of Hillary Clinton?

I think there are only two people in this election who can rise to the office of the president – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

I also think that’s a bit sad, but that’s the way it is.

I think Hillary Clinton is – by a long margin – the most experienced, the most suitable and the most qualified out of those two candidates.

Hillary Clinton has seen the job up close as First Lady. She’s seen the job up close as Secretary of State. She’s a policy expert with plenty of experience in the way Washington works. And make no mistake, Washington is still going to work exactly the same way regardless of who wins.

Hillary Clinton is stable. She is tough. She is smart. She uses proper sentence structure and speaks beyond a grade 3 level. Sorry, that was petty of me, wasn’t it?

Hillary Clinton has had consistent positions on all the issues throughout her campaign. Yes, she’s moved to the left a little in response to the success of Bernie Sanders (with Elizabeth Warren lurking, at stage left) but that’s what’s called political pragmatism. More on that, later.

Hillary Clinton has been subject to more scrutiny than any other candidate in political history. That scrutiny is not confined to this campaign. It’s dogged her for most of her adult life. Whitewater, cattle trading, Troopergate, Bill’s indiscretions, paid speeches, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, and now her private email server. No candidate has had his or her dirty laundry exposed as completely or as often as Hillary Clinton. Not even her husband.

And yet she just keeps on getting cleared, not always un-bruised but always cleared, and keeps on working.

I don’t necessarily think that Hillary Clinton is the best America could do. I think Bernie Sanders would have beaten Donald Trump in a landslide because he has none of the Achilles heels that continue to dog Hillary and he would have mobilised the youth vote in a massive way.

But Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate, right or wrong. And she’s way more qualified, competent and temperamentally fit for the job than Donald Trump, who is the worst candidate of my lifetime and an embarrassment to his adopted party.


Why don’t people like Hillary Clinton?

I hate to say this, but I think a lot of it is down to a combination of personality and biology. A lot of women don’t like her because she’s of an age when women were supposed to be stay-at-home mothers, and she wasn’t a quiet little stay-at-home mother.

She’s not seen by many as being a warm person. That’s an interesting observation from my point of view, because it feeds into the biological argument.

Being ‘warm’ is not a criterion that would be a decider for many male politicians, if any at all. Some male politicians get a definite advantage from being especially charming. Bill Clinton comes to mind. But being ‘warm’ is not usually a thing for male politicians. If they’re hard-nosed and determined, they’re just being hard-nosed and determined, a desireable quality in a political representative.

The other side of the biological argument is nothing more complex than plain old misogyny. There are some people on the conservative end of the spectrum who think that Hillary Clinton is unfit for office simply because she has a vagina. Most of them, like this guy, have penises. According to these types, people who have vaginas can only have authority over other people with vaginas, not over people with penises.

160323_pol_trump-misogyny-megyn-kelly-jpg-crop-promo-xlarge2People with vaginas should not even ask questions of people with penises, really.

If you felt put off by my use of the words penis and vagina just then, there’s a chance you might be one of those people. And if you’re one of those people, how you can offer even tacit support for a guy who brags about grabbing women “by the pussy” beggars belief. But I digress.

I have a feeling there are more people out there who think like this than anyone in America cares to admit. They hate Hillary because she’s a Clinton. And they hate her even more because she’s a woman who might become President.

Then there are the ‘scandals’.

Forget the old stuff. That was Bill’s baggage and despite what Donald thinks, Bill’s not running for office.

Actually, let’s bring up one of the old things because the right made it part of the demonisation of Hillary Clinton – her supposed treatment of women Bill Clinton had been involved with.

I find it astounding that the right brings this up. Even if Hillary Clinton did characterise these women poorly after they were involved with her husband, what do people reasonably expect that she would do in that situation? Invite them over for tea? Hillary was one of the victims of Bill’s indiscretions and yet the right makes her out as the villain. Again, it’s plain, old-fashioned misogyny at play. Blame the woman, even if the pain is happening to her.

To the more recent ‘scandals’, then…..

The private email server – dealt with at the top of this article. The investigation was ‘closed’ but the FBI has just announced that they’ve found new emails on the device of one of Clinton’s top advisers. These emails were discovered while the FBI were looking into an unrelated matter. They don’t know if the emails will be relevant at all, but they’ve owned up to finding them and they’re going to look at them. Hopefully they shed more light on them soon, lest they destabilise what will already be a rocky start to a new Presidency. Yes, I still think Hillary will win. The investigation has not be re-opened, technically. They’re assessing these emails for relevance.

Benghazi – Hillary Clinton is basically held out by the right to be personally liable for both the terrorist attack itself and the way the whole Obama administration handled it. Subsequent investigations, including 11 straight hours of questioning earlier this year, found no grounds for action against Clinton.

Still, if you throw enough mud, some of it begins to stick. That’s exactly what the Republican candidates did during the primaries. Leave questions open, even if they’ve been asked and answered. Nobody bothers to check anymore, right?

The Clinton Foundation – The insinuations about the Clinton Foundation centre around ‘pay-to-play’.

theclintonsPrior to this US election campaign, the Clinton Foundation was one of the world’s most respected private charities. It has an ‘A’ rating from Charity Watch. It has a ‘Platinum’ rating from Guidestar. It spends approximately 88% of the money it raises on its charitable work, which is a very high percentage compared to similar institutions. It costs the Clinton Foundation just $2 to reel in a $100 donation. I’ve read reports of Australian charities having to spend up to $40 to attract similar donations. It’s fair to say, then, that the Clinton Foundation is very efficient.

The Clinton Foundation is not only efficient, it’s effective, too.

The Clintons were pioneers in lobbying for AIDS treatment effectiveness and the Clinton Foundation has lowered the price of AIDS treatment by up to 90% for over 11.5 million people in poor countries.

Read that again: the Clinton Foundation has lowered the price of AIDS treatment by up to 90% for over 11.5 million people. That’s staggering.

Donald Trump’s foundation – which he hasn’t actually contributed to himself in nearly 10 years – bought a six-foot high portrait of Donald Trump. And it settled a lawsuit for his business. Damn. There I go again.

Back to the Clintons…. as well as saving people’s lives from lack of AIDS medication, the Clinton Foundation has a lot of health and wellness programs around the world, including school programs in every US state. It’s a charitable behemoth and again, prior to the smearing it’s received during this election campaign, it would have gone down as one of the best philanthropic undertakings in modern times.

The pay-to-play accusations are just that – accusations. Political enemies of the Clintons suggest that countries or interest groups that wanted favourable treatment while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State gave donations to the foundation to grease the tracks.

It’s a reasonable premise but completely unsupported by actual evidence.

The Clinton Foundation is noted by charity watchdogs for filing all of its reports, accounts, etc, in a timely and transparent manner. But when Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State she gave undertakings to provide extra reporting, over and above that which was legally required, in order to protect the reputation of the foundation. This reporting related to lists of donors, etc. The allegation is that the Clinton Foundation did not disclose these extra reports in full.

There’s your smoke.

The fire has come in the form of Donald Trump and the right calling the Clinton Foundation – which is still ‘A’ and ‘Platinum’ rated – a morally and actually corrupt institution.

The Clinton Foundation has been criticised, for example, for taking donations from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has a shocking human rights record, especially as pertains to the treatment of women. Should the Clinton Foundation accept money from Saudi Arabia? I don’t know about you, but I think $25 million dollars is better spent helping thousands of young, disadvantaged girls get an education than it is buying another fleet of Rolls Royces for a Saudi prince.

The Clinton Foundation, on balance, has been a massive force for good in the world. Yes, there should be steps taken to ensure its independence and the proper use of funds raised. You expect that from all charitable institutions.

But this is a massive, massive beat-up. It’s the target on the Clintons’ back writ large.

Paid Speeches

To quote The Donald……. Give. Me. A. Break.

061715-hillary-clinton-pantsuits-leadPoliticians the world over give paid speeches when they retire. It’s a fact. And when you’re a couple with the experience, the war stories and the connections that the Clintons have, there’s going to be plenty of demand. And those pant-suits are expensive!

The Clintons are far from being the first to do it and they will definitely not be the last. Obama’s going to make millions per year from this – and so he should. Just do it, and use it, the right way, Barack.

Ronald Reagan got an estimated $2 million – in 1989 dollars – for a series of speeches and meetings with business leaders in Japan in the first year after his presidency.

George W Bush has made around 200 speeches in the last eight years, at between $100,000 and $175,000 a throw.

Clinton-haterz cite the content of her speeches as the problem, so let’s look at that.

Hillary Clinton wants ‘open borders’…. is a claim touted by Trump at his rallies. He says that she wants to let people just pour in. Politifact dissected this premise and rated it as Mostly False:

Although she wants to make it easier for some undocumented immigrants to stay here, she has repeatedly said she supports border security, so Trump is exaggerating when he says she wants open borders.

In a brief speech excerpt from 2013, she called for “a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable.” Clinton has said she was talking about clean energy, but we can’t fully evaluate her remarks to a bank because we don’t have the full speech.

We rate this statement Mostly False.

Hillary Clinton is too cosy with Wall St and wants to let it regulate itself……. err, no.

Hillary Clinton wants to get people with Wall St experience and get them on board to help draft regulations that will affect Wall St. Sure. That’s normal. That’s smart. You get people with industry experience who are also politically sympathetic to come in and help govern the industry. They know it best.

From the excerpts:

At a securities law firm in September 2014, Clinton said that as a senator, she had “worked with so many talented principled people who made their living in finance” and “did all I could to make sure they continued to prosper.” But she added that she supported reforms to the industry too, saying she had long called for “closing the carried interest loophole,” “addressing skyrocketing CEO pay,” and “regulating derivatives and overcomplex financial products.”

Finally, Clinton said at an October 2013 Goldman Sachs symposium that she’d likely turn to the financial industry for regulatory advice, because they know the industry best:

“There’s nothing magic about regulations, too much is bad, too little is bad. How do you get to the golden key, how do we figure out what works? And the people that know the industry better than anybody are the people who work in the industry.”

It’s sound practice and it’s been done for decades. You don’t ask your local florist for financial advice. You go to an expert. It’s the same with government – you get industry experts in and mix them with legislators to get the right balance. It’s balance that’s the key.

Hillary Clinton has private and public positions on things….. yes, she does. And I bet most political operatives do, to some degree, as well. It’s called pragmatism.

Politics is the art of the possible. It’s played out in a field full of compromises made in the name of actually getting something done instead of nothing. Clinton’s explanation citing Abraham Lincoln during the second debate was poorly spelt out and stumbling, but essentially correct.

People compromise all the time. Marriages are built around it. Businesses are built around it. It’s the measure we have to take sometimes in order to make progress.

In meetings that precede such progress, opening gambits will be made that might be contrary to the final position. And we have to allow those opening gambits because the process of discussion and negotiation around those points is the starting point for a decision eventually being made.

It’s a matter of the idealist vs the pragmatist.


I guess you could call me a Clinton pragmatist.

My private thoughts are that I don’t warm to her and I think she’s quite flawed. But I also recognise that she’s done a lot of good in her public life and she’s far more qualified for the job.

I think her judgement in the last 4 weeks of this campaign has been terrible. She had Donald Trump dead to rights after three debates that made him look like the bad-tempered, ill-considered imp that he is – and she took her foot off his neck. She counted on Donald being Donald when she should have been reinforcing again and again how morally bankrupt and inexperienced he is.

Where has the pressure been on his tax returns? We learned from just three pieces of paper that he’d lost nearly a billion dollars in one year, enough to realistically not pay any federal taxes for nearly 20 years. Imagine what we could learn from proper disclosure. There’s been no pressure on that issue at all. That’s poor judgement from the Hillary campaign, and it’s not the only example.

But still, when you’ve got these two candidates and you want to put one of them in charge of the Oval Office, with all that that entails…… I would select Hillary Clinton in a heartbeat.

She has experience. She’s got things done. She’s a policy wonk who actually has proper policies and can tell you about them. She’s tougher than leather and has been the subject of more scrutiny than anyone running for president, ever. She has had a target the size of Texas on her back for decades and she’s been scrutinsed in much more detail than men in equivalent positions.

And yet she’s still standing.

If the alternative were someone like John Kasich or even Marco Rubio, I think it’d be a much tougher contest for her.

But if the alternative is Donald Trump, then I’m With Her.


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      1. I’m sure we can all hardly wait.

        Sidebar: Isn’t it interesting that it’s prefectly acceptable for Australia to ban all illegals from ever settling there. Kudos to Turnbull.

        1. It’s not perfectly acceptable at all. And Turnbull is copping it.

          He’s a moderate who sold his soul to the right in order to grab power from the right’s poster boy, Tony Abbott. Abbott would have lost the election this year in a landslide. The Libs reluctantly installed Turnbull as leader because he’s a centrist and he was able to eke out a majority of just 1 seat. So he kept them in govt, but is now bound to the hard right of his party and toothless because of his slim majority.

          “Illegals” – Are you referring to your ‘Mexican thing’ (to quote Pence) or your intake of refugees that Trump likes to go on about so much?

  1. I still don’t get the argument about being against a candidate because of gender. It is an accusation like that used by ethnic people. If you disagree with me then you are a racist.

    It’s issues, past record, and character that matter most to most conservatives. Neither of the Clintons pass that test.

    1. And after writing that, it must be noted that many conservatives are no longer concerned with character and past record but are now voting for Clinton’s opponent because he lines up with them on … wait for it … the issues.

      1. Fair call, Andy. It’s a surprising to hear you say that character no longer matters, but that’s your right. [update…Oh, hang on, you said that character does matter in your earlier comment before saying character doesn’t matter in your second comment. So I’m not sure if it does or not.]

        Where does Trump rate on character? For the people for whom it matters?

        I would like you to enlighten me on Trump’s stance on The Issues and how he lines up with you on those issues. The reason I ask is that very few people have been able to tell me why they’d vote for Trump. A lot of people can tell me why they can’t stand Hillary, but very few can tell me why they agree with Trump.

        The floor is yours, if you want it.

        1. There was a slight difference between the two comments that you may not have noticed. In the first, I used the word most. In the second, many.

          Most of the conservatives I know or follow have been concerned about moral character and past record as well as the issues. But many have now thrown those first two aspects out because of Mr. Trump. They say “As long as he lines up with my favorite issues, I will vote for him.”

          It is my opinion that this is what it all boils down to on either side. Set aside past record and moral character for candidate C or T, and you vote strictly based on the issues.

          But what about the issues? Immigration, abortion, military funding, taxes, 2nd amendment, etc. — The candidates say they disagree on each of these. If you feel strongly about these issues (as I do), you would never vote for the one who holds the opposite side.

          Personally, I think moral character and past history are important. As both major candidates are not known for honesty or morality, it makes this election rather difficult for a conservative doesn’t it?

  2. I both saw the words and understood the differences between the different comments. And what I took from it is idealism vs pragmatism. Ideally, character and past records would matter. Practically speaking, they’re willing to overlook those elements this time around.

    On the issues, the interesting thing for me is that Trump has been so inconsistent on so many issues and he’s flat-out lied so many times during this campaign. How could you be confident in what he says, that he’ll stick to what he says?

    I could go on…..

    The difficulty of this election for a conservative is no concern of mine. The GOP nominated him. You’re stuck with him.

    And I’d contest your claim that Clinton isn’t honest or moral. I think she’s more secretive than she needs to be but I also understand the reasons for that. She has had so much of her life aired in public against her will. And morality is a personal matter. I know you will consider Hillary immoral because of her stance on abortion. I don’t. And I don’t think it’s necessarily fair to judge her on morailty when you have a candidate like Trump.

  3. Although we come from different ideaologies, I think we can agree on some of these things. The current US presidential election has come down to idealism vs. pragmatism … at least for many. Some of us have decided to vote third party because of the problems we see in both major candidates. A wasted vote? Perhaps.

    I like the idea of consistency when writing about either candidate. If one is going to be raked over the coals for something, so should the other be. But that is not how it usually works. Both sides claim their candidate is being treated unfairly. And so it happens again. People vote for whom they like–mostly because of the issues.

  4. Another “Well done!” to you Swade. Thank you for the effort.
    I have already cast my vote for Hillary, as has my wife who usually votes straight Republican. Neither of us like Hillary but I think she can be trusted to do what she says, and Bernie will be a big thorn in her side if she doesn’t. She has already proven she can do much good in spite of her faults. The Donald has never benefited anyone except himself and cannot be trusted on anything. I don’t know how anyone can think he sides with them on issues; he constantly flip-flops as most narcissistic and pathological liars do without even realizing it.
    Thanks again Swade.

  5. Hillary Rodham Clinton is under FEDERAL, CRIMINAL investigation by the FBI. They don’t do this lightly, especially 11 days before an election. All you have to do is follow the money of the Clinton Foundation.

    The Clintons left the White House broke by their own admission and even stole over $200,000 USD worth of US property from the White House that they had to return.

    Now they are worth millions by selling out our country.

    These are facts, and you make it sound like she is a victim.

    1. “Facts” has a strange meaning in your world, Dick. I’m not going to argue with you. There’s no point. But little of what you say is supported by actual, verifiable facts. Just conjecture, fuelled by fear.

        1. OK. Let’s fact check it.

          They stole $200K worth of stuff and were forced to return it……

          From Politifact, and also covered in less detail at Snopes…..

          The Clintons returned about $48,000 in furniture, and they paid the government about $86,000 for other items. Any way you count it, the $200,000 figure is too high.

          According to top ethics lawyers, it’s at least debatable — and at worst hyperbolic — to say the Clintons “stole” the items. A congressional investigation found poor tracking of ownership and final disposition of gifts, which makes it hard to speak definitively of wrongdoing. In fact, two items the Clintons returned were ultimately sent back to them. Finally, it’s worth making clear that the “force” they responded to was political pressure, not legal jeopardy.

          Accusations of stealing are serious and require a high threshold of evidence, unmet by the charges in this over-the-top graphic. We rate the claim Mostly False.

          Hillary is under Criminal investigation: Wrong. An investigation was done into the whole server issue but NO CHARGES WERE FILED OR RECOMMENDED. They’re now investigating further because of these new emails that have come up but again, no charges have been laid and it looks like these emails are ones that Huma Abedin forwarded to herself in order to print them to Clinton. Details – Politico

          That’s accurate reportage. Not meme-based rubbish from groupthink sources.

          1. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating Hillary Clinton for potentially critical activity. That is a federal criminal investigation…..I don’t care how Politico twists it.

            NO ONE has any idea what these tens of thousands of emails are at this point. Again Politico is guessing.

          2. Guessing – so are you. And that’s the point.

            You have her hung, drawn and quartered by meme. There’s been an investigation already (which was obviously rigged because you didn’t get the outcome you wanted) and she was cleared of criminal wrongdoing. I assume you still believe in the presumption of innocence, or is that just for Republicans?

            Bottom line, this is the presidency we’re talking about. Who out of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has the temperament, the policies, and the experience to actually operate the government of the United States?

            I can accept that you prefer Trump because of policies. That’s what parties are for – providing for ideological differences and giving people a platform to vote for.

            But by any objective measure, when it comes to character, experience, and temperament, Trump is totally unfit for office when compared to Hillary. He’s shifted positions all through the primary and election season. It’s impossible to know what his stance on most issues actually is. He’s ill-tempered, ill-considered, he’s a casual sexual predator (by his own words), he flat-out lies about things and then doubles-down when he’s confronted with proof of his lies – and then there’s the policy stuff…….

            His fiscal policies, alone, will throw your country into a massive debt spiral immediately.

            You think your deficit is bad now? Wait until he cuts income tax revenue by 30% at the same time as spending all the money he says he’ll spend on the military, and infrastructure, internment camps and deportation squads (he’s just a gas chamber away from being a proper Nazi, you know), etc.

            I hope you enjoy paying a whole lot more money for your consumer goods, by the way. When he imposes tariffs on imported goods (to bring back American jobs!), it’s not the companies paying those tariffs. It’s you. But he doesn’t tell you that. He just makes fairy dust promises about companies magically reappearing and starting up factories with high-wage jobs for low-wage work once again.

            I can remember a time, not very long ago, when free trade was the cornerstone of the conservatives and protectionism was the cornerstone of the left. It’s amazing how much of a shift we’ll accept if the rhetoric is right.

            But you don’t talk about Trump, do you? All you do is obsess about your enemies. Grade-A fear-driven politics.

  6. Its also overlooked that Powell used external email when he was Secretary of State, and he was the one who recommended she should do so.

    What I dread is that this news will suppress Democratic turnout and encourage GOP voters to vote down the ticket. The last thing we need now is for the GOP to retain the Senate (which will mean no Supreme Court appointments for the next 4 years) and the House (investigations galore because its more fun that governing the country, something they have failed to do since 2012. We’ve had to use emergency bills to keep the government open how many times now?).

  7. I should point how that the consensus in the Justice Dept was that releasing the letter to Congress was a stupid move, never done by the DOJ before, and it was because Comey believes the House will be retained by the GOP and he doesn’t want to subpoenaed in one of these crazy pointless investigations.

    1. He was reporting to the people he promised to keep updated if any new evidence came out. The people who are charged with investigating this. That is what he did it was his responsibility to do this.

  8. Neither of these candidates is perfect. Trump is a moron who has convinced fellow morons that he is the man for the job and Clinton has a lot of dirty laundry that needs washing. So, why is Trump a moron? He has no policy and when he speaks of walls the whole world is just laughing at him and, regretfully, America because the outside world cannot believe how gullable so many American voters actually who think Trump has their best interests at heart. Hillary isnt perfect and I do think the Democrats did a great disservice to the American people having a no-hoper run against Trump.

    I have to say I prefer Hillary but only as the lesser of two evils.

    Another great Swade but I do miss the good old days of TrollhattanSaab and Saabsunited.

    zippy 🙂

  9. Discussing Hillary’s honesty is like vikings arguing about the earth being round 🙂
    “- You are conspiracy theorist!”
    “- You are a moron! Wait until we have satellites”
    “- WHAT are you talking about now?!”

  10. I am in England right now and for obvious reasons I am surrounded by outsiders. I am very involved with US politics as a Republican and have even been asked to run for Congress as well as being a proxy speaker for a US Senatorial, primary candidate, I really know what’s going on in the labyrinths below the street.

    Events are now happening so fast, as I type that I feel like I am on the race track. With 2 days to go I just learned Trump is coming to Milwaukee, on Sunday and now Wisconsin is really in play. I expect 20,000 to show up.

    The people all over America are realizing that Hilary is experienced in criminality, horrendous foreign policy decisions and no real accomplishments.

    In the next few days we are all going to learn how bad things really are. I will not be surprised if she is defeated, on Tuesday.

    1. I think what we’re learning is that the media loves a close race as it generates eyeballs and ad revenue. So they have manufactured one as otherwise it would be a landslide to Clinton.

      On one hand we have a failed businessman who doesn’t pay his bills and expects others to suck up the losses, and that’s the nicest thing you can say about him. After watching the debates, I just couldn’t believe this was the best the GOP could offer.

      On the other-hand we have someone who once said there was a vast right wing conspiracy out to get her. What these past few months have shown is that she was exactly right. Its extremely disappointing that the FBI has basically ruined for little standing it had left by leaking details of an investigation that may or may not implicate HRC. We all know they won’t find anything because she knew what she could and could not put in an email. So after breaching 80 years of neutrality (you don’t interfere with elections), Comey and the NYC FBI office did exactly that. Quite frankly they should resign, and the NYC office investigated for leaking details of an ongoing investigation. No one is above the law, not even the FBI.

      1. Failed businessman? Really??!!

        Break down those law suits and you will see it is BS.

        5 FBI investigations going on. Plus one IRS investigation into the Clinton foundation…….but “they won’t find anything”……..

        To the contrary this will find plenty and she will be wearing an orange pant suit.

        1. Once this election is finished the IRS will be over him like hot cakes.

          Bankrupted three times, daddy gave him money to start off his first company. If he put it in an index tracker and not touched it he would be 12 times better off than the wealth he claims he has but no one can prove because he won’t show his tax returns.

          Oh, and another Trump building went bankrupt in Canada two days ago. So yes, i’d say he’s a failed businessman

          1. “Daddy gave him money.”

            I don’t see this as an especially strong argument against a businessman. Many people have been helped by a relative to get started. What is the point of this argument?

            If you are saying his business skills are below average because he has had several bankruptcies, I get that. But to say that turning a family loan into multiple companies is not noteworthy is disingenuous.

            Just say you don’t like the man.

          2. I’ve already said I don’t like the man. My point is that anyone who can basically waste millions of dollars given to him by his family when he could have made more money leaving it sitting in a index fund clearly isn’t a particularly good businessman.

  11. Thank you Peter. Your comment is a lot closer to reality than many of the comments here. Hillary and the Clintons are monsters. Period!

    1. I have been over here in England, my home country for almost 2 weeks and I shall return to Milwaukee, the day before the election. The ignorance here is very prominent. The BBC always starts off with Hilary first with her spiel followed by a short blurb from Donald. The whole Press is going to melt down on Wednesday should Trump win. I will set my DVD recorder because I cannot imagine the servers at CBS, CNN and MSLSD, etc., keeping the anchors’ reactions on their servers for long.

      Trump was my last choice as I was first with Scott Walker, my Governor who I have personally known for 20 years. Then when he dropped out I supported Cruz who crushed Trump in the Wisconsin primary. We were left with Trump and what I have witnessed in the last several weeks is what the media is missing. The “We the People” have been electing representatives election after election and they feel they are being neglected to the point that we have had it with Washington. The last 8 years have been a disaster: 94 million people have given up looking for work and due to this they are not showing up in the unemployment data. Millions had their work hours reduced to 30 hours a week because of ObamaCare which made the premiums prohibitive for those working more than part time. Premiums are rising 65% in many cases; most of us have not had a wage increase in several years and I am shocked how much cheaper food is in England.

      I have been following the Clintons for years and they are always involved in graft and corruption. I remember how seniors had their property foreclosed, in the Whtewater scandal; she made $US100 thousand in one day on cattle futures, as a pay off; the Rose Law Firm false billing records; Travelgate, etc., etc.,

      The most disgusting aspect from a personable point of view was when someone, high up a few years ago came to town to speak about the State Dept. At question time I asked, “What is the State Dept doing about the terrible persecution of Christians through out the Middle East, Iran and Islamic Asia?”

      “Oh! That’s not the responsibility of the Secretary of State.”
      I then replied, ” I didn’t think it was!”

      Since the Syrian War we have have over 100 thousand refugees immigrate of whom only 44 were Christian.

      I mentioned in my earlier comment how involved I am in politics and one of the reasons is my avocation for foreign policy and this Iran Deal with the billion dollar bribe was one of the most deceitful operations of the whole administration.

      I have been volunteering in Milwaukee’s inner city with staffers of US Sen. Ron Johnson’s “Joseph Project” (one those white guys) pictured in the Trump article. We are helping unemployed men find good paying jobs north of Milwaukee and providing them with free transportation to and from work with decent wages to take them off demeaning welfare. Many African Americans, Latinos ad women are realizing the failed demise and the false promises.

      I could go on all night long here but I want to enjoy my next few days left over here before I return to uncertainty but I have only just hit the tip of the iceberg…

  12. My site must be a little bit broken as I haven’t been getting emails notifying me that comments are coming in. I haven’t seen this conversation develop.

    I’m not going to go point by point. I haven’t got the time nor the will to dwell amongst the stench.

    Suffice to say that I’m not surprised by the names in this comments section or the bullshit they’re touting.

    I’m not surprised that there’s not one cogent argument supporting Donald Trump here – just hatred of Hillary. That men are willing to suspend their objectivity and give it over to hate is disappointing, but not particularly surprising. History’s shown us again and again that the masses can be stirred to uprising, and often for no reason other than fascistic greed and lust.

    The internet’s been a wonderful thing but the space it gives to lying hatemongers like those that I imagine populate some of your news feeds is one of the internet’s downsides.

    HIllary’s going to win on Tuesday. She’s not going to win by as much as I’d like her to win by. But she’ll win. I’d love for her to crush Trump because that will send a message to the alt-right that the people won’t tolerate their bullshit. But a win will be a win.

    The Republicans you love so much will then stymie her Presidency with investigation after investigation. Just like they did with Obama, they will ignore the will of the people and obstruct everything they can.

    Your governmental system is broken. You are cultivating hate. You will have to live with it. The demographics of the US are changing and you’ve got to find a way to deal with it. The toothpaste is out of the tube. You’re like a bunch of emotional, crying babies, who throw their toys when they can’t have their own way. You have no fallback to morality or decency in Trump, let alone policy. All you have is hate-fuelled relentlessness.

    That the FBI is leaking information to swing the election is horrendous, yet not one criticism from any of you Republican types.

    Says it all.

  13. Actually, I can’t help myself – I’ve got to pick up one point, even if only for illustrative purposes.

    Peter Gilbert – “94 million people have given up looking for work and due to this they are not showing up in the unemployment data.”

    Do you think people reading what you write are absolute idiots or do you just hope they are? It’s bullshit like this that makes a serious discussion an impossibility.

    94 million people have given up looking for work, you say. With a total population just short of 320 million people in America, that’s 30% of the entire US population that you claim has stopped looking for work during the Obama administration. And that’s not 30% of the labour force, that’s 30% of the entire USA population – retirees, little babies, etc. The labour force percentage would be much, much higher.

    Your words, my maths.

    So I guess with such a high number of people not looking for work anymore, we’d see a massive drop off in the official US Labour Force participation rate, right? Well, they keep stats for that. You can look them up.

    The US Labour Force Participation rate has dropped from 65.7 in January 2009 when Obama took office, to 62.8 in October 2016. There was a steady slow decline in the first few years of Obama’s Presidency as the GFC bit but the rate has been steady for the last 4 years or so as the US has slowly recovered.

    And lest you think Obama started that decline, you should note it started two years earlier while Dubya was President.


  14. Steve

    I’m not here to nitpick, it will soon be Tuesday. The way the reporting is calculated is because as the unemployment rate drops they exclude the ones who have given up looking or retired early. So things look hunky dory. I gave up looking after I was forcibly retired early.

    [94 million, you said – that’s not nitpicking, it’s 30% of the entire population. 9,400 or even 94,000 might be classified as nitpicking. 94,000,000 – not so much……. SW]

    I entered politics, in mid 2008 after our corrupt, Wisconsin Governor (D) at the time deliberately conspired to destroy my company for political gain leading up to his next election. This is why I assisted in making Wisconsin a very Republican State unlike the Tax Hell-hole of yesteryear. Our state now is the mainstay of the nation with our famous legislators like: Gov. Scott Walker; Paul Ryan;Jim Sensenbenner; US Senator, Ron Johnson and many in our State Legislature. Just 2 weeks ago the O’Keefe undercover video exposed a a local operative involved with fraud. Our state is ground zero for all the dirty tricks and, I have reported fraud and irregularities, including Jesse Jackson, in one election.

    I have been an advisor and and advocate for the underprivileged and I simply could not find work for compensation being overqualified and too high in age, So I gave up looking but work harder now as a volunteer with Veterans, teaching older ones how to use a computer as well as doing their updates and IT repairs. I am unfortunately quite disabled and normally I would be pounding the pavement to get out the vote. This election I decided to visit my family, in England but I have been blogging and emailing to coordinate events.

    I fly back on Monday because Wisconsin could be the key state as we have 10 precious electoral votes and this is why Trump is in Milwaukee tomorrow. Yes he’s a businessman like I was and also Ron Johnson (the only one in the entire Senate).

    What we all have in common is we all work extra hard for the best interests of the county. Ron is the hardest working Senator in the building and I work hard, even as a volunteer without a hammer & sickle. I still respect your opinion which is why I enjoy giving my two cents worth to generate a dialogue instead of manning the barricades.

  15. Hey Steve, can we talk about religion too?
    Anybody want the job of next FBI head?
    Still waiting for Donald’s tax returns….
    And I really want the ignorant hate to go away.

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