USA EV’s 2012

The following table is an accompaniment to this article: Electric Vehicles that you can buy in the United States today. The article was first published in November 2012.

Honda Fit EV92189Li-Ion (20kWh)3825$37,415
Commuter Cars Tango T6006003000LiFe PO4??1202$200,000
CODA100221LiFe PO4 (31kWh)61255$37,250
Ford Focus Electric107181Li-Ion (23kWh)4765$39,200
Mitsubishi i-MiEV49145Li-Ion7624$31,125
Nissan Leaf80207Li-Ion (24kWh)7735$37,250
Smart ED (1)55??Li-Ion (17.6kWh)7802$25,000
Tesla Model S (performance) (2)310443Li-Ion (85kWh)63005$92,500
Toyota Rav4 EV129273Li-Ion51035$49,800
Wheego LiFe (3)4595LiFe PO451002$32,995



ALL prices shown are MSRP from the manufacturer and don’t include delivery fees. They also don’t include the $7500 federal rebate that most customers will apply for and receive. There may also be some other rebates applicable in other states.

(1) Full details about the 2013 Smart ED were not available at the time of publishing, however the information shown in this table is believed to be correct, though incomplete.

(2) The Tesla Model S has four variants starting at around $57,000. As with all of the cars shown here, I’ve selected the top specification. In the Tesla’s case, that’s the Performance model (though not the Signature Series. The Tesla Model S seats five adults, but there is also an option for a rear-facing seat to add in two more children.

(3) The Wheego LiFe’s full charge time is not mentioned on their website. The charge time listed is from 50% to 100%.

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