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Classics By The Beach – October 2014

Better late than never! And as I’ll be away for November’s Classics in a few weeks time, consider this a bridge to December. Yes, December. Already. And there are only 65 days until Christmas, apparently. Yikes! This month at Classics saw the usual mix of...

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Weekend Video: Saab at Pikes Peak (1hr)

This video spends an hour looking at the Saab effort at Pikes Peak early this century, with Per Eklund at the wheel. It’s in Swedish but has English subtitles. Enjoy.

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Saab, Plan B and All That Jazz

Imagine it’s 11:58 on your personal doomsday clock. You’ve got a heart condition and you’re due for surgery. Tomorrow. Being a strong spirited type and knowing that your time might be limited, you decide to dress up and head out for a night at your...

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Lancia Fulvia Update – Assessing the Rust

With the whole guitar thing going on, there hasn’t been much time to play with the Lancia Fulvia but we got a little time today. It was Classics By The Beach in the morning, followed by a little Fiat X19 time with Geoff and a...

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Lancia Fulvia – First Photos

Things have been busy with my guitar building course taking up so much time, so it’s been hard to find time to do anything with my new Lancia Fulvia. Here are the first photos of the car. I haven’t cleaned up a single thing yet...

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Nevs announces intention to lay off employees

My mate Pete just forwarded this press release (no, I’m not a subscriber). As expected…… —— Nevs announces intention to lay off up to 200 employees due to lack of work, as the decision to re-start production will be further delayed. Nevs has retained the...

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Goodbye Porsche 968CS – Hello Lancia Fulvia

When I advertised my Porsche 968CS for sale a month or so ago, I did it expecting that I’d still have another good 6 months or so with the car. Having watched 968’s and other Porsches online for so long, I knew that most of...

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Petrolicious – Lancia 037

Petrolicious has to run out of….. fuel at some stage, right? I mean, how many incredible different vehicle models can they actually get access to before they start repeating themselves? Hopefully the answer is “plenty more”. The owner of this car will be familiar to...