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1967 lancia fulvia Grey 2 6

Fulvia Friday – Great In Grey

When I first saw a Lancia Fulvia colour chart the idea of a grey Fulvia didn’t excite me too much. I still wouldn’t want a grey one, myself, but seeing this car today has caused a massive mindshift over the basic idea of a grey...

The-Black-Night 9

Spyker Bankrupt, Muller Determined

Most of you would have heard the news by now, but for those who have not….. Spyker’s situation went from really bad to terminal last night when their bankruptcy protection/reorganisation status moved into plain old bankruptcy (receivership). Spyker Cars sought protection from its creditors just...

IMG_0817 11

Fiat X1/9 Is ALIVE

Good news! We installed a new condenser, new HT leads and new contact points into Geoff’s Fiat X1/9 and then this happened……. (apologies for holding my iPhone the wrong way) —— Now we just have to do the brake master and clutch master and we...

Pug205gti 6

Fiat X1/9 Update

I’ll get to the Fiat in a moment….. I drove a few interesting cars on the weekend. Both experiences were unplanned. One car I drove with a view to buy and the other was purely for fun. Peugeot 205 GTI The first car was a...

FulviaHFBeach 2

Friday Fulvia – At The Beach

It’s Friday, so that means it’s Fulvia time! Here’s a lovely little publicity shot. The HF is relaxing by the beach with a few friends, something we’d all like to be doing right now, I’m sure. Click to enlarge. Have a great weekend!

DSC_0499 8

Classics By The Beach – December 2014

Rain. Fine, drizzly, persistent pain-in-the-arse rain. It’s the been the marker of our week-old Tasmanian summer and it did its best to try to ruin Classics By The Beach this morning. Did it succeed? Hell, no! It was a slow start but Classics did happen,...

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Rolls Royce SUV Is Like Killing Kittens

Porsche did it, and in marketing offices all around the automotive world, that’s supposedly made it OK for everyone to think they can do it. And maybe they can. But should they? From GoAuto ROLLS-ROYCE will next year decide whether to bring its much-rumoured SUV...