Please Support Jim’s Ride to Kill Cancer

sonett mass[1]

This feels kind of awkward. My basis for asking you all to support this ride in the past has been partly based on me working my ass off to provide you with entertaining material to read. I work, therefore I get tacit permission to ask you to help my friend Jim Coggeshall in a great cause. I haven’t worked my ass off on this site, this year. In fact, it was only seven blog posts ago that I asked you to support Jim’s ride in the 2015 Pan Mass Challenge. I haven’t exactly been idle in that time, but I’ve […]

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Support Jim’s Cancer Ride – Please


It’s that time of year again, when I invite you to support a Saab friend has he rides his bike to raise money for cancer research. Right: Keeping calm and carrying on. This is Jim’s 5th time riding the Pan-Mass Challenge and that’s significant. Not only is it his second year riding cancer-free, it’s the first time he’ll have more Pan-Mass challenges under his belt than cancer treatments. Jim’s a four-time cancer survivor, which is why this chance for him to give back is so important. It’s become important to me to support a mate, too. Either Saabs United or […]

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Tjena från Vejbystrand


Hi there. Long time, no write. If you’re reading this, thanks for hanging around. All is going well in Sweden. Yes, the job is absolutely fantastic. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted to do for work and it’s slowly expanding into areas I didn’t expect. I expected to take photos, for example. I didn’t expect to take so many, nor for them to be so useful. This one’s now one of the slider photos on the Koenigsegg homepage. There are lots of other unexpected things, too. Content management. Website layout. And plenty more. It all involves a learning curve but not […]

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Photographic Advice Wanted!

nikon lens family

I’m moving into a new job soon and while the focus of that job will be writing, every decent story benefits from a few good pictures. Especially when the stories are about cars. I need to develop my photographic skills (pun intended!). As I’ve read on nearly every single photobug website, the single biggest investment I can make is time and practice. It’s the eye behind the camera that has the biggest influence on the quality of the picture. Nevertheless, I also want to invest some money in making sure I have the right gear to cover most situations. I’ve […]

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Winds of Change.


I had a small reminder today. A reminder that things are changing, moving on. I’m only 45 years old but the signs seem to come with increasing frequency now. The first time I ever felt slightly ‘aged’ was near the end of 2007. The one constant through my conscious lifetime has been Australian Rules Football. The end of 2007 saw the retirement of James Hird, Nathan Buckley and Kevin Sheedy from their respective roles in Australian football. Sheedy had been the coach of one of Melbourne’s powerhouse teams for 27 years – since I was 10 years old. He was […]

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Australia Will Be At Eurovision 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!


WTFOMGBBQ!! It’s just been announced that Australia has been awarded a wildcard entry into Eurovision 2015!!!! How did this happen, you ask? WHO CARES!?!? We’re going to Eurovision, baby! Eurovision has grown in popularity every year here in Australia and we send a TV crew to Europe every year to cover the event. Last year, we were invited to provide a non-competitive performer for the contest. A little light entertainment. Jessica Mauboy took on that role and did well. But now we’re actually in the contest itself. AND we get to vote!!! All this begs the question – who will […]

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From Your Dog


Hey, food person! You’re awake!! Let me reach up so we can sniff each other’s noses! You’re awesome. I love licking your face. I’ve been up for a few hours. I’ve been waiting here by the door and watching people pass by the house. Sometimes they come past with other dogs, which I know are just dying to move in here. No way, Fido! Yes, I’m going to watch you eat breakfast. My powers of concentration might be limited most of the day but you’re eating. Did you know Nikon learned about auto-focus by watching dogs around food? Did you […]

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Happy New Year 2015!


2014 was a crap year. I’m glad to see the back of it! Ebola, Islamic State and other branches of fundamentalist terrorism, lost airplanes, Russia and Ukraine, right-wing extremist parties in Europe, conservative governments here at home. All of them – especially the conservatives here at home – have conspired to provide me with a fair bout of depression in the latter half of this year. 2014, for me, has been a year best defined by personal paralysis, which is a very unpleasant way to live. I’m sick of it. 2015 is the year I hope to start changing it. […]

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It’s Getting So Ugly I Can Hardly Breathe


I had a big long rant planned about Rupert Murdoch and the ugliness he peddles wherever he casts his gaze. Sadly, the news out of Pakistan tonight has me feeling completely and utterly defeated…. for the moment. Personally speaking, it’s fair to say that 2014 has been a pretty shit year and 2015 only holds the tiniest glimmer of hope for getting better. Every time you try to pick yourself up there seems to be another idiot with an agenda just itching to bring you back down again. So I’ll leave my long rant alone. Here’s a short one instead. […]

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Prejudice – Part 2


by turbin Follows on from Prejudice Part 1. Well the ruse worked for about 5 minutes. Yes maybe I had some people thinking about SAAB, and why not? It could just have easily been the case, as it has been for many. Recently I have questioned my prejudices much more robustly and taken more time to understand why I might feel a certain way. It also helps me understand where others might be coming from. Why it wasn’t about SAAB is only because I have purchased two post-2003 SAABs, one a 06 9-3 SportCombi shortly after they came out and […]

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