Saab Festival – Day 1 Dispatch


At any other time, this would be an extraordinary photo. This weekend, it’s just another day in Sweden 🙂 Congratulations to the graduates, too. Every time I’m here I seem to wake up to this Swedish tradition – students on trucks making lots and lots of noise now that their basic schooling is over. Time for the real world, kids. It’s Saab Festival time once again. The sun is shining (mostly), the people are smiling and a convoy of two-strokes screaming down the street is no longer unusual. As usual, there are all manner of Saabs here. As I sit […]

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Vale Erik Carlsson

Ironic that this should happen just a few hours after NEVS’s positive news……. but it’s turned into a sad day for Trollhattan and Saab fans in general. It’s with great sadness that I report today on the passing of a Saab legend, perhaps the biggest Saab legend of all – Mr Erik Carlsson. Erik passed away in his adopted England today after a short illness. He was surrounded by family. “Mr Saab” was born in Trollhattan, Sweden, in March 1929 and the story of his life is inextricably bound to the city and the car company that was based there. […]

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NEVS Take On Two NEW Chinese Owners/Partners


Here’s the press release, and there’s a little more to read below it. Nevs grows with two Chinese strategic part owners Together with two new Chinese part owners Nevs will establish its second global factory with focus on electric vehicles and a second global research and development center in the city of Tianjin, neighboring Beijing City and Hebei Province, three highly-integrated economic regions with a population over 100 million. With the new part owners, Tianjin city’s Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech industrial Development Area (THT), and the Beijing State Research Information Technology Co., Ltd. (SRIT), Nevs has got two new strategic partners. […]

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NEVS Press Conference at 11am Swedish Time


This, via Pingu, in comments….. NEVS just announced a press conference at 11 AM CEST (90 minutes from now), where they will present their plan to be “successful manufacturer of electric cars” and two new Chinese partners. No Mahindra then (something I suspected long ago)… Will be interesting to see if this is the final deal. No Mahindra could mean the use of the Saab name has been denied. If that’s the case, it’ll reduce interest for a lot of observers. We wait and see……

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Video: Saab 96 on For The Love Of Cars


I’ve just finished watching this episode of For The Love Of Cars and I just had to share it here. It’s a great story, but even more than that, it’s a great little Saab 96. There’s a bit of a story to this. The program you’re about to see was aired on Channel 4 in Britain last Sunday. The auction you see in the video was actually conducted back in January, but the day before the show went on TV (i.e. last Saturday), the car was auctioned once again. The reasons behind all this back-and-forth become clear at the end […]

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2015 Picnic At Ross


Every year on the third Sunday in May, there’s a car show called the Picnic At Ross. Ross is a lovely little town, 120km north of Hobart. It’s full of character with its shops and cafes, all of them old buildings made of timber or sandstone. The car show is held at the sports grounds on the outskirts of town. Ross is a more central town in geographic terms, and that means it attracts cars from both the north and the south of the state, which is great for hermits like me who don’t travel north very often. The meet […]

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Friday Night Snippets – NEVS, Spyker, Prices, Fiat Parkour


It’s been exactly one month since NEVS exited bankruptcy protection in Sweden. I expected that we would have heard something about a new majority shareholder by now. But no. Not a peep. I have no news. I just want to mark the one-month anniversary. How long can they keep …. doing nothing? —— Speaking of bankruptcy…. There’s news out of Holland saying that Spyker has reached an agreement with creditors that might see the company exit it’s stint in bankruptcy protection. Spyker, which applied for voluntary financial restructuring last year, is proposing to pay each creditor the first €12,000 ($13,681) […]

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#Auspol – Budget Schmudget

joe hockey3

Hey Australia! For the last couple of years we’ve had a budget emergency. We’ve been living amongst a debt and deficit disaster – we know this because Tony and Joe told us – and if you didn’t agree with Sweaty Joe’s plans to fix it, then you were stealing from your children. You heartless bastards! But hey, that was 2014. It’s 2015 now. Relax. Have a cigar. There’s nothing to worry about. Tony and Joe told us so. The 2014 budget fixed everything (even though most of it is still stuck in the Senate 12 months later). Look how relaxed […]

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Photographic Advice Wanted!

nikon lens family

I’m moving into a new job soon and while the focus of that job will be writing, every decent story benefits from a few good pictures. Especially when the stories are about cars. I need to develop my photographic skills (pun intended!). As I’ve read on nearly every single photobug website, the single biggest investment I can make is time and practice. It’s the eye behind the camera that has the biggest influence on the quality of the picture. Nevertheless, I also want to invest some money in making sure I have the right gear to cover most situations. I’ve […]

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Brief Notes: Porsche 928S


After just three short months – well, two and a half, actually – my Porsche 928S has been sold and picked up by its new owner. The Sprint and the Brumby both go tomorrow. As I said earlier in the week, change is afoot. More to come later. To the 928, though….. I never wrote much about the 928 here. That’s probably because I didn’t drive the car enough to connect with it and form a full opinion. That’s partly because of the cost of driving it regularly. It’s partly because of my Alfa Sprint, which I absolutely adore. And […]

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