Hanging with the Saab 900 Enduro


Here’s another quick nugget from my return trip with my Saab 9000 Aero. The Saab 900 Enduro is a bit like Bigfoot. Everyone’s heard of it, but 99.9% of the people – myself included – have never seen it. Last week, my visit to Saab Salvage in Sydney changed all that. I didn’t get to see an Enduro running, but I did get to set my eyes on not one, but TWO Saab 900 Enduros. Well, one-and-a-half. For the unfamiliar, the Saab 900 Enduro was a special edition put together by Saab Australia just after the Saab 900 was introduced. […]

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How to Sell a Saab (by Saab)

DSC_0033 - Version 2

While bringing our Saab 9000 Aero back from Sydney, I called in on Bill and Jane P, some friends and Saab owners who live in southern New South Wales. When Bill’s Saab dealer closed a few years ago, Bill ended up as the beneficiary of a whole bunch of Saab promotional and technical material. Bill showed me through the collection and this brochure, despite its evil-looking title page, stood out as something cute from the period. I thought it’d be fun to share here. Please excuse the crappy phone-camera photos. I hope the writing is legible. The images are clickable […]

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How Lamborghini made Saab the biggest automotive insurance risk in Australia


It’s the 1980s. There’s no internet so teenage petrolheads in Australia all read Wheels magazine to get their automotive kicks. There are all manner of car stories, interesting or otherwise, but as interesting as the stories might be, they are matched or sometimes outdone by the advertisements slotted in between them. There were few ads more exotic than those for Alpine car audio. The reason is easy to see: — Anything featuring a red Lamborghini was instant automotive porn for a teenage revhead. It wasn’t just the teenagers that were captured by this, though. Alpine built a legacy that lasts […]

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The Lancia Fulvia


Via comments from Andrew Robertson: You really do have the bug. Give us a run down on the model code names, specs and years? Know very little about this little car…liking it more and more myself. Yes, I do have the bug. Sadly, it’s an intellectual bug only because I’ve never actually driven one. The Fulvia has come to my attention through a combination of temporary availability and video. I want one because one was available for sale and I liked what I saw when I checked them out. Exterior and Interior The Lancia Fulvia was built in three series […]

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“Lancia Quest” – Battle lost, war still to be won


Another quick update….. The Lancia Fulvia I was tracking on Ebay sold last night for $13,250. I’d set myself a ceiling of $12,000 so someone else has ended up with what is hopefully a wonderful example that’s full of potential. It’ll take some work based on the photos I saw, but it’s a good start. I’m not too fussed about missing out on this one, to be honest. I had my concerns about the seller’s integrity. Not only was there some dodgy two-level advertising in different places (with price variances of $10,000), the car was also inadequately described. It’ll be […]

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Qoros confirms picking up some Saab tech


Earlier this year, a new Chinese car company called Qoros made their international debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Qoros have already picked up a number of staff members from Saab and as hinted at Geneva, they’ve also picked up a bit of technology that was intended for Saab as well. Back in February, I wrote the following: The second conversation mentioned the first company I’ve heard of that will use eAAM’s electric rear drive system – the one that would have debuted in Saab’s Phoenix-based 900. The company is Qoros, a Chinese-based but very much Europe-focused branch of Chery….. […]

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“Lancia Quest” will conclude this evening


A quick update….. There are currently two bids on the car and given that it’s a ‘No Reserve’ auction starting at $10K, that means it WILL sell to the highest bidder – tonight. The auction started at $10K and is currently at $10,100. Neither of the bids are mine. I’ve set myself a ceiling somewhere not far above the starting price. I have to aim low simply because there’s so much work to be done on the body and the interior. I went and saw a local Fulvia last night, just to see one in the flesh and to see […]

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“Lancia Quest” continues….


I’ve long had a theory that any given model of vehicle is worth X-amount of dollars in good condition. If you get it for X-minus-Y dollars, there’s a good chance you’ll have to spend Y dollars (or even Y-plus-Z dollars) on repairs or restoration to bring it up to good condition. That’s proving to be the case with the Lancia Fulvia I’m looking at right now. I first saw the car on Carsales.com.au with five photos and an asking price of $21,000. I talked to a few people and that price seemed a bit ambitious. The ad read as if […]

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Please Donate To Jim’s Cancer Ride


It’s that time of the year again….. Our Saab mate James Coggeshall (that’s Jim or Coggs to his friends) will be on his bike and riding in the Dana Farber Cancer Institute’s annual fundraising bike ride – the Pan Mass Challenge. This will be Jim’s third tilt at the Pan Mass Challenge. He rode the last two as a cancer survivor, having beaten testicular and skin cancer. This year it’s different – Jim is once again a cancer patient and as he’s fond of saying at the moment: there’s no fooling around this time. I’m now two and a half […]

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To Lancia, or not to Lancia?


So the GTV6 is sold and we’ve decided to shelve our plans for building a new home. That means it’s Game On for car shopping! I had a couple of important criteria for my next car, key among which were that it had to be good for a long distance east-coast road trip that Mrs Swade and I want to do in a few months from now, and that it also had to be fun and engaging for me as a daily driver and club car. Those criteria were going to be difficult to resolve. I think we’ve solved that […]

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