Jill Meagher 17

The tragedy of Jill Meagher

I feel sick to my stomach today so I have to write something about this. Jill Meagher was a young Irish girl living and working in Australia. She had a husband who loved her, a trendy apartment and a great job. In the early hours...

300 SL 40

National Automotive Icons – Germany

Our national automotive icons so far include: United States – Ford Mustang France – Citroen DS Great Britain – Jaguar E-Type It’s time to move to the automotive powerhouse that is Germany. Germany is known for robust, quality designed products but for some, they might...

Lego Face 7

Lego Great Ball Contraption

A friend posted this on Facebook and I was mesmerised. I just had to share it here. You might rattle on about someone having too much time on their hands, etc, etc, but deep down you know you wish that you could do this. ——

Alfetta Sedan 'Carabinieri' 14

CMI Domain Hill Climb 2012

Last weekend I went along to help out at the Club Motori Italia 2012 Domain Hill Climb. It was the 10th Anniversary of the event, which is apparently the only hill climb held in a capital city in Australia. The Queen’s Domain is a hilltop...

Car Companies in Brand Attachment Survey 11

Car Companies in Brand Attachment Survey

A brand attachment survey has just been released in the United States. It covers all brands (plus products that are considered brands in themselves, such as the iPhone) but there were a lot of car brands in the top 100. The LEAP Index aims to...

Trigeminal Neuralgia 33

That burning feeling – Trigeminal Neuralgia

UPDATE: I’m pleased to say that I was mis-diagnosed. It’s the first time I’ve ever sought a second opinion on something and I’m glad I did. For those suffering with TN, however, the battle goes on and you have my utmost sympathy. I got to...

Saab Sonett 4

Sonabusa update

Can you imagine the funky lines of the Saab Sonett III propelled along at lightning speed by a Suzuki Hayabusa engine? Now this is my kinda hybrid!!!!! It’s called Sonabusa and the build continues at Albany Speed Shop, owned and operated by former New Salem...

AustinPowers 10

The Jaguar E-Type is British, and iconic

The poll is over and the winner can now be declared – the Jaguar E-Type is (un)officially the most iconic car from Great Britain. Polling took an interesting turn in turn with the way the world turns. The Mini shot into the lead in early...

BritishMini 8

Poll – British Automotive Icons

We’ve had my nominations (thanks, Lance) and we’ve had your nominations. It’s time to vote. I’ve added 3 cars from your nominations, based on how instantly recognisable they are both as vehicles in their class and as simply being typically British. This is, of course,...