Classics By The Beach – May 2015


It’s the first Sunday in May and that means Classics By The Beach. For me, it was a significant Classics, too, because it’ll most likely be my last Classics I’ll visit for some time. Circumstances are changing and it’ll involve a move away from Hobart. More on that in another post, later on. For now, though, I’ve got some cars for you to look at. It’s not often a Ferrari Dino gets outshone at Classics, but I think we can say it happened today. The car of the month for May 2015 is one of the red ones across the […]

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The (Interesting) Cars Of Targa Tasmania 2015


Targa Tasmania has been on this week. As usual, Targa had it’s share of bumps and bruises. Four cars left the road on the same corner on Friday and organisers had to deal with a deliberate oil spill on the first full day of the event. There were no medical casualties, thankfully, but a stage of the event had to be cancelled. Targa drivers covered 2000kms over the last week, with more than 500 of those kilometres at full tilt in timed stages. It’s the ultimate tarmac rally. The major category winners: Jason White won the Modern class in his […]

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Fantasy Friday: Opel GT


For a long time now, I have had a self-imposed commitment to never buy a car from the pus-infected abscess that is General Motors – except for a Saab. I can think of very few cars for which I might make an exception. The Chevrolet Corvette might be one, in the right spec. Call me superficial, but I’m a C3 fan. The fact that they’re generally all power and very little handling doesn’t seem to matter. That big, curvy and purposeful front end gets me every time. I must be going a bit soft in my old age because the […]

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Winds of Change.


I had a small reminder today. A reminder that things are changing, moving on. I’m only 45 years old but the signs seem to come with increasing frequency now. The first time I ever felt slightly ‘aged’ was near the end of 2007. The one constant through my conscious lifetime has been Australian Rules Football. The end of 2007 saw the retirement of James Hird, Nathan Buckley and Kevin Sheedy from their respective roles in Australian football. Sheedy had been the coach of one of Melbourne’s powerhouse teams for 27 years – since I was 10 years old. He was […]

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The Saab Car Museum Support Organisation


I’m grateful to Alex at Saabtala for posting about the Saab Car Museum Support Organisation last week. I didn’t even know this group existed prior to that post and for those of you who missed it, I figured it might be worth writing about it here. I’ve just sent through my support donation and I think it’d be worthwhile if you consider doing the same. The Saab Museum is the spiritual home of Saab Automobile. Peter Backstrom, Ola and their crew of contributors and volunteers do a sensational job of keeping Saab’s legacy alive. The Museum is visited by thousands […]

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Why Cars?

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A little bit of personal philosophy to start the week….. I’ve been in a position recently to think about why some of us obsess about cars so much. I remember a time back in 2011, a year or so after the sale of Saab to Spyker was completed, but when Saab were beginning to show the first signs of trouble. I was still writing Saabs United at the time and there was much debate going on about how things were going under Victor Muller’s leadership. I was a stout defender of Victor but there were a number of people who […]

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Press: NEVS Has Exited Reorganisation


The press release…… Nevs has exited the reorganization The District Court of Vänersborg has today, April 15, 2015 decided that the reorganization of Nevs shall cease as the purpose of the reorganization is fulfilled. The reorganization of Nevs was initiated August 29, 2014 for a period of three months. The reorganization was prolonged for a period of three months at two occasions, December 11, 2014 and March 11, 2015. On March 23, 2015 the District Court of Vänersborg approved the composition proposal by Nevs after a vote where 98,2 percent of the creditors representing 98,6 percent of the amount of […]

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Apr 14 – NEVS Should Exit Reorg Today


UPDATE: According to Tom at Saabtala, the exit from reorganisation is likely to be tomorrow. That’s contrary to the story at TTELA but Tom’s been on the phone to the court so the information should be reliable. Whether it’s today or tomorrow is neither here nor there, by dinner time on the 15th NEVS should be free to make a deal. —— Just a reminder….. Today should be a significant day for NEVS and the potential for any future cars with a Saab name attached to them. According to their own press materials late last month, and a story on […]

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Classics By The Beach – April 2015


Rain was the forecast but this morning saw beautiful conditions at Sandy Bay and the cars were shining at Classics By The Beach for April 2015. Today was also Easter Sunday, so this ornament on an Alvis seemed quite appropriate. We have a couple of ‘new’ cars this month and plenty of favourites that we’ve seen before. Let’s take a look….. Mini 2+2, engineered by Broadspeed This was the car of the day, for me. I’d never even heard of a Broadspeed Mini before, let alone seen one. I’m glad I’ve seen one now. Magnificent! The Broadspeed 2+2 was a […]

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The Three Best Cars I’ve Ever Owned


This is the final chapter of a self-indulgent trilogy I started a few weeks ago. First, I recorded every car I’ve ever owned. Then I listed the three worst cars I’ve ever owned. Now, it’s time to name the three best cars I’ve ever owned (which is much easier than nominating the three worst, believe me). So…. in no particular order: Porsche 968 ClubSport My time with the 968 was frustrated by driveway hassles. The car was simply too low to get in and out of our driveway without a set of heavy wooden ramps that I built to aid […]

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