Every Car I’ve Ever Owned


I was thinking I might do a post on the three best and three worst cars I’ve ever owned. Such a list requires a little perspective, though, so here’s the full complement of cars that have crossed my driveway over the years. It’s not as many as I thought it would be, actually – 25 cars in 27 years of driving. That’s not quite the one-per-year average I would have expected. I’m obviously not trying hard enough 🙂 —— Holden Gemini My little blue Gemini. I bought it for $3,000 around January 1988, three months before I got my licence. […]

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Video: EVO, CvK And The Koenigsegg Regera


The Koenigsegg Regera has now been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. I published some preliminary ‘facts’ and figures just before the initial launch and the confirmed numbers are even more amazing. I’ve mentioned before that my visits to Koenigsegg’s facilities in Angelholm were some of the most mind-blowing experiences I’ve had in my short time connected to the automotive industry. The mountain of technology that goes into Koenigsegg cars is almost beyond description and the fact that Christian von Koenigsegg is so down-to-earth about it makes this small company all the more appealing. EVO shot this 12-minute interview with […]

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The Koenigsegg Regera Is A Lot More Interesting Than Kim Kardashian’s Butt

Koenigsegg Regera

They said that Kim Kardashian’s champagne butt photo broke the internet a few months ago. By rights, the Koenigsegg Regera should split the darn thing in two. The internet, that is. It won’t, because the Swedes aren’t like that. But it should. I’m still waiting for a proper press release, but the first stories about the Regera are starting to appear online now ahead of Koenigsegg’s press function at the Geneva Motor Show. I’ve pinched one photo from Jalopnik. You’ll have to head over there yourself for the rest. The Regera, in dot points: 1,500hp 1,627kg 0-400kph in under 20 […]

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Shannons Car Show – March 2015


It’s the first Sunday of the month and normally that means Classics By The Beach. This month, however, it meant the annual Shannons car show held at Rosny Park, just down the hill from home. Fine conditions early were tempered by light showers in the early afternoon. There was a great turnout, nonetheless. I missed a few hours of the show and some cars had already left by the time I got there, but thankfully a mate named Bruce was there earlier and has chipped in with some of his photos to complete the story. It’s a mega-gallery, this one. […]

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NEVS and The Gypsies


There have been some speculations, rumours, tall stories and fables going around. They question whether [Mahindra] are still in the game negotiating for Saab, or whether there is some ‘old lover’ involved in the scenario. A story even came out yesterday about Saab AB having not had any discussions with anyone about anything to do with naming rights. What to make of it? Well, I got in touch with a gypsy woman who channeled the soul of an Indian snake charmer who’s brother lives next door to a Mumbai curry vendor. The gypsy then read some chicken entrails, had a […]

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NEVS Update – Losses and Meetings


NEVS’s most recent reconstruction period ends in a matter of days – they’re applying for an extension today – and as we last heard, they had written to creditors seeking a debt reduction agreement. I apologise for not being more in touch with what’s going on (I’m a little preoccupied at the moment) but thankfully, Pingu is keeping up with reports and posted the following in comments just now. I figured it was interesting stuff that should be here on the front page for those who might want to know. Take it away, Pingu….. —— NEVS lost 1.2 billion SEK […]

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Selfie Snippets – NEW CAR, Shannons Show, Alfa Sprint @ Hemmings


Forgive the self-indulgent nature of this post, but I have a few localised and personal updates to share here. —— Shannons Car Show THIS SUNDAY This Sunday is the first Sunday in a new month and as such, I’d normally be at Classics By The Beach in Sandy Bay. However, this Sunday is also the date for the Shannons classic car show on the lawns adjoining Rosny College, on Hobart’s eastern shore. So if you’re in Tasmania and planning to go to Classics on Sunday, bear in mind that attendance there is likely to be lower than normal as a […]

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NEVS News – Proposal For Debt Reduction

I’m about to jump on a plane and into the eye of a storm – beware women named Marcia! – but I have to post the following, which came out just a few hours ago. Thanks to Pingu for posting it in comments and to those who emailed it to me: —— A composition to get Nevs out of reorganisation National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB, Nevs, provides unsecured creditors a composition proposal in order to exit the reorganisation. It creates the conditions for completion of ongoing negotiations with two major OEMs and the implementation of a new business plan together […]

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Nissan FulviaSilvia

Nissan Silvia 1

I think I’ve just found the Japanese version of the Lancia Fulvia!! Spotted via Bring-A-Trailer, this is a Nissan Silvia from 1965. Just 554 of these were hand-made over a four year period. It was powered by a 1.6 litre, inline 4-cylinder engine making just 96hp. The car is for sale in Japan for around $20,000 (which is reasonable value for a pretty little car, I reckon). It’s been said that Asian carmakers don’t mind imitating designs by other manufacturers and that’s arguably been the case when these companies are just starting to break into western markets. It’s one less […]

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High Milers – Porsche 928GT


Here are a couple of questions for you….. What’s the highest mileage car you’ve ever bought? And would you take a high-mile classic car over a garage queen? At what price? I check a lot of different vehicles online and I was struck by this one earlier today. It’s a Porsche 928 GT from 1990. Is the 928 a classic? ….. I hear you ask. Well, it depends on your opinion of the 928, but it’s definitely old enough to be considered as a young classic. Bear in mind that it’s nearly 40 years since the 928 was first shown […]

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