Saab Snippets – 100 Cars and Saab = ANA


Saab and ANA Well, hasn’t there been some hoo-haa in the last few days, eh? There was an article posted at Saabs United, written by Jorgen Trued, with a sensational headline saying “ANA Group Takes Down The Saab Flag!” (now changed) and it caused a reasonable sized storm in a teacup. The claim – based on unlinked stories at TTELA and Swedish Radio – was that ANA were letting a number of people go (true) and the inference in the headline, and the included editorial, was that ANA would let their Saab business die (untrue). “Today, the ANA Group’s connection […]

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Australia Will Be At Eurovision 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!


WTFOMGBBQ!! It’s just been announced that Australia has been awarded a wildcard entry into Eurovision 2015!!!! How did this happen, you ask? WHO CARES!?!? We’re going to Eurovision, baby! Eurovision has grown in popularity every year here in Australia and we send a TV crew to Europe every year to cover the event. Last year, we were invited to provide a non-competitive performer for the contest. A little light entertainment. Jessica Mauboy took on that role and did well. But now we’re actually in the contest itself. AND we get to vote!!! All this begs the question – who will […]

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#Auspol – The Ballad Of Tony Abbott

March in March Abbott Meme

Politically speaking, our Prime Minister is now regarded as a dead man walking. There was a motion to spill the top leadership positions in the Liberals’ party room on Monday. It was moved by a couple of disaffected backbenchers sick to the mayhem at the top levels of the government. 40% of Tony Abbott’s party voted against his leadership – and that was without an alternative leader being nominated. It was Tony vs no-one and no-one got 40% of the vote. And given that his ministers were more-or-less bound by tradition to support him, that number actually rises to 67% […]

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Beware The 40-something Distracted Mother!


Friday, 5pm. I was in my Alfa Sprint waiting to turn right at a T-intersection just near my house. I was waiting because a blue Mitsubishi was coming from my left along the street I wanted to turn into. The blue Mitsubishi has it’s right-turn indicator on. She’s going to turn into the street where I’m waiting. I’m the orange car and she’s the green one in the diagram to the right. Suddenly, she’s heading straight for me! She’s cutting the corner and obviously hasn’t seen me! There’s absolutely nothing I can do as her Mitsubishi badge is heading straight […]

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Saab Snippets – Wallenberg, Mahindra, Production.


New Saabs?! There was news today that Saabs will be rolling off the production line again soon. Yes, really. NEVS is going to finish off the 100 or so cars that were left incomplete when production halted in 2014. NEVS registered just 264 cars last year in total, and most of those were company testers and dealer demonstrators, so I’m a little perplexed as to why they’ll spend money and time building more cars that are highly unlikely to sell. Note: they’ll be 2014 models, even though they’ll be built in 2015. Then again, there’s very little that NEVS has […]

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Classics By The Beach – February 2015


A very un-Tasmanian summer Saturday full of wind and wetness had people feeling cautious about bringing their precious metal out on Sunday. The weather cleared, however, with overcast skies but only the tiniest bit of drizzle for a few minutes. Classics was ON! —— Red vs Blue Maserati Ghibli SS The car that stole the show this month was a beautiful Maserati Ghibli SS. I’ve shown this car before but this weekend saw a very special reason to photograph it anew. This is how you’ve seen the car in previous instalments….. The red looks very tidy, without a doubt. But […]

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Spyker Bankruptcy Declared Void

Spyker B6 Venator Spyder

This is why I love you, Victor Muller……. —— SPYKER N.V. WINS APPEAL: BANKRUPTCY DECLARED NULL AND VOID WITH RETROSPECTIVE EFFECT. Back in Moratorium of Payment, Spyker expects to reach an Agreement with its Creditors and exit Moratorium in a Matter of Weeks. Zeewolde, the Netherlands, January 29th, 2015. Spyker N.V., together with its wholly owned subsidiary Spyker Automobielen B.V. (collectively “Spyker” or the “Company”), today won an appeal filed on December 29th, 2014 with the Appeals Court of Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.Pursuant to the ruling rendered today the decision of the District Court of Midden-Nederland in Lelystad, the Netherlands (the […]

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Lancia Fulvia – SOLD!


Hi all. I just wanted to pass on the good news that my Lancia Fulvia was sold within a week. I’m really, really pleased with this sale not just because it’s happened – and happened so quickly – but also because the car is going to the perfect buyer. The Fulvia will be Ralph’s fourth Lancia restoration, so he’s obviously a massive enthusiast for the brand and already has the skills and the contacts in place to bring this car back to life again – something I hope to replicate myself some day. I’ve had a couple of false starts […]

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For Sale: Lancia Fulvia 1.3 Rallye


Sadly, it’s come to this. My Lancia Fulvia 1.3 Rallye is up for sale. With Mrs Swade and I wanting to move house and the initial estimates on the restoration work being higher than anticipated, I have to offer it up for someone else to take on. It’ll be very sad to see this beautiful lady move on, but hopefully someone else can do the work that I can’t.

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From Your Dog


Hey, food person! You’re awake!! Let me reach up so we can sniff each other’s noses! You’re awesome. I love licking your face. I’ve been up for a few hours. I’ve been waiting here by the door and watching people pass by the house. Sometimes they come past with other dogs, which I know are just dying to move in here. No way, Fido! Yes, I’m going to watch you eat breakfast. My powers of concentration might be limited most of the day but you’re eating. Did you know Nikon learned about auto-focus by watching dogs around food? Did you […]

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