Saab Snippets – Time, Koenigsegg And Double Dipping

koenigsegg ccx and saab aero x

Time It’s well past December 31, which is the time we all expected a decision from Mahindra as to whether or not they were going to invest in the ghost of Saab. NEVS’s money was expected to run out by then and Mahindra were going to provide two tranches of funds IF the deal was going to go ahead – $5mil for January and $5mil for Febraury – to keep the ghost afloat in ‘reorganisation’ (bankruptcy protection) until the deal is finalised. NEVS got a financial lifeline by selling tooling for spare parts to Orio, which explains why there was […]

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PSA: Explaining “You Can’t Call Yourself A True Car Enthusiast (Gearhead) Unless You’ve Owned An Alfa Romeo


Hemmings had a post on Facebook overnight that drew some amusing comments. Here’s the post: And here are a few of the comments: One good reason (Of Many) not to watch “Top Gear”. That’s why I don’t watch their show. SNOBS! Overrated, just like that idiot. You’re not a real gear head unless you’ve built a classic big block Chevy for a 1968 Camaro Sorry. Just more English nonsense. Obviously they are on the Payroll at Alfa Romeo.. Right: Top Gear executing their marketing duties as per their employment agreement with Alfa 🙂 They haven’t sold them in the US […]

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OnStar: The Future Of Driving Is Creepy


OnStar and an insurance company called Progressive recently announced the latest developments in creepy connected driving. Available soon on certain GM vehicles, OnStar will be able to track and record your driving behaviour and then share that information with Progressive, who may (or may not) offer you a discount based on your driving. From the Detroit News: General Motors Co.’s OnStar subsidiary will offer motorists a new service this summer that gives feedback on their driving skills and allows some to seek driving-based discounts from Progressive insurance. OnStar, which provides emergency, security and embedded Wi-Fi connectivity services to 7 million […]

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Classics By The Beach – January 2015


After a stinking hot Saturday, Hobart turned on its best conditions on Sunday – 21 degrees and sunny – for the first Classics By The Beach for 2015. And the people and cars turned up accordingly. It was a bumper field today, with many of the best regulars plus a fantastic gathering of ‘occasionals’ too. As is the case every month, I have to apologise to a few for talking too much and not taking enough photos! I missed a few great cars today. Cobra I didn’t get to catch the owner of this car, but it was the first […]

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Happy New Year 2015!


2014 was a crap year. I’m glad to see the back of it! Ebola, Islamic State and other branches of fundamentalist terrorism, lost airplanes, Russia and Ukraine, right-wing extremist parties in Europe, conservative governments here at home. All of them – especially the conservatives here at home – have conspired to provide me with a fair bout of depression in the latter half of this year. 2014, for me, has been a year best defined by personal paralysis, which is a very unpleasant way to live. I’m sick of it. 2015 is the year I hope to start changing it. […]

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1986 Alfa Romeo Sprint First Photos


It’s Christmas morning! Merry Christmas to all of you! We did Christmas dinner last night so I’ve got a little time this morning to post up the first photos of the Alfa Romeo Sprint I bought yesterday. Here is the car in our front yard, which is starting to represent an automotive palliative care ward for Italian and Swedish cars 🙂 I picked the car up yesterday, put some fresh fuel in and was surprised at how well it drove on the short trip home. After being parked for six years, I expected it to cough and splutter a fair […]

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Christmas Cheer – 1986 Alfa Romeo Sprint


I haven’t had a fun car in my garage for 3 months so when this Alfa Romeo Sprint popped up for sale in my area, I was interested. When the price nearly halved earlier this week, I felt it would be downright rude if I didn’t check it out. I pick it up this afternoon 🙂 It’s a 1986 Alfa Romeo Sprint. I used to own a Sprint back in the late 1990’s. Regular visitors to this site may remember that I took care of my mate Gavin’s Sprint earlier this year and I fell in love with these little […]

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Can You Help? Saab 9-5 Air Conditioning Problem

Saab9 5heater

I got this question in from a friend in Sydney today. Any of you 9-5 owners had the same problem? Any of you know of a fix? Fire away in comments….. —— Hi there, I have a 2006 SAAB 9-5 Sports Wagon which apart from one issue is an awesome car. The one issue seems to be related to the usage of the air-conditioner, which reduces the cars power down to a fraction of its normal power. This doesn’t happen as soon as the AC is turned on. Perhaps 10 minutes later… it can vary. I most notice the effects […]

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Volvo Pushing For Internet Car Sales

The Internet Shop

Decision 1 for Volvo last week was to end the company’s factory-backed participation in motorsport. Decision 2 is a substantial shift in Volvo’s marketing mix that’s going to be very interesting to watch. Volvo is implementing a new plan called the “Volvo Way To Market” and it means big changes in the way they’ll do things. The Volvo Way To Market can be summarised as follows: Marketing tools And increased spend on better defined and more focused branding. Only three motor shows a year – Detroit, Geneva and Shanghai/Beijing. Volvo will also conduct their own major event in Sweden to […]

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Volvo To Stop Factory Support For Racing


Volvo made some ripples last week with a couple of announcements likely to have various parties feeling just a little bit nervous. Decision 1 will effect anyone involved with a factory-backed Volvo racing team – unless they’re in a boat. Volvo’s global Marketing Manager, Alain Nisser, was quoted in the press last week saying that the company will cease direct participation in racing. Volvo’s sponsorship of ocean racing will continue, but car racing is on the chopping block. Volvo support efforts by their performance partner, Polestar, in several racing series around the world, including the Swedish Touring Car Championship and […]

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