Alfa Romeo Australia Screw Up 4C Launch


It always felt too good to be true…. Alfa Romeo released details on Australian version of the new 4C mid-engined performance coupe. It’s fair to say that people who were waiting to take delivery of their 4C will be somewhat disappointed. The first let-down is the price. Aussies should be all over the fact that the Alfa Romeo 4C will sell for $54,000 in the USA. That’s $65,000 of our Australian dollars. Due to a) Australia’s luxury car tax, and b) the fact that we’re used to paying a premium for cars here, getting close to $65,000 was always a […]

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First Cars – Saab and Alfa Romeo


I was cleaning some stuff up at home yesterday when I found the following photos of my first (and second) Saab and my first Alfa Romeo. I figured they were nostalgic enough to share here on the website. First, I have to apologise for the poor quality photos. These are photos of photos and the original prints were a bit blurry to start with (taken in low light with slow film in a fully manual SLR that I didn’t understand at the time). Nevertheless…… Saab 99E My first Saab was a red Saab 99E, from around 1973. It was 1998, […]

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Video: Petrolicious Alfa Giulia Super Ti


Want to spend 7 minutes feeling good about the world? Watch this superb new film from Petrolicious. It features one of the nicest guys you’ll ever see driving one of the nicest little Alfas you’ll ever see. It’s a car he built himself and he did such a good job that he ended up working for one of the best custom car builders in California – Singer Porsche. Sit back, pump up the volume and enjoy.

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PSA: Explaining “You Can’t Call Yourself A True Car Enthusiast (Gearhead) Unless You’ve Owned An Alfa Romeo


Hemmings had a post on Facebook overnight that drew some amusing comments. Here’s the post: And here are a few of the comments: One good reason (Of Many) not to watch “Top Gear”. That’s why I don’t watch their show. SNOBS! Overrated, just like that idiot. You’re not a real gear head unless you’ve built a classic big block Chevy for a 1968 Camaro Sorry. Just more English nonsense. Obviously they are on the Payroll at Alfa Romeo.. Right: Top Gear executing their marketing duties as per their employment agreement with Alfa 🙂 They haven’t sold them in the US […]

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1986 Alfa Romeo Sprint First Photos


It’s Christmas morning! Merry Christmas to all of you! We did Christmas dinner last night so I’ve got a little time this morning to post up the first photos of the Alfa Romeo Sprint I bought yesterday. Here is the car in our front yard, which is starting to represent an automotive palliative care ward for Italian and Swedish cars 🙂 I picked the car up yesterday, put some fresh fuel in and was surprised at how well it drove on the short trip home. After being parked for six years, I expected it to cough and splutter a fair […]

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Christmas Cheer – 1986 Alfa Romeo Sprint


I haven’t had a fun car in my garage for 3 months so when this Alfa Romeo Sprint popped up for sale in my area, I was interested. When the price nearly halved earlier this week, I felt it would be downright rude if I didn’t check it out. I pick it up this afternoon 🙂 It’s a 1986 Alfa Romeo Sprint. I used to own a Sprint back in the late 1990’s. Regular visitors to this site may remember that I took care of my mate Gavin’s Sprint earlier this year and I fell in love with these little […]

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Video: Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale Shows Everything Alfa Romeo Should Be


This might just be the best video Petrolicious has ever made. The car is an Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale from 1965 and it was built especially for the La Carrera Panamericana race through Mexico. There’s plenty of driving footage to see and it’s a wonder to behold. In fact, it’s so wonderful it makes you wish there was no owner’s story to tell. Just give me more driving!! For me, this video sums up the soul of Alfa Romeo. This might just be the ultimate vision of what Alfa Romeo is and should be forevermore. I hope Sergio Marchionne sees […]

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Farewell, My Little Italian Buddy – Alfasud Sprint

Alfa Romeo Sprint

I’ve had Gavin’s 1982 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Veloce parked in my front yard for the last few months. The best part of the deal is that I had his OK to drive it once or twice a week – just to keep it lubricated, of course 🙂 The car left our humble abode this afternoon. It’s heading back to Melbourne tomorrow and it’ll either be sold or restored a little more. I wanted a keepsake so I whipped out my iPhone this afternoon and shot a quick video walk-around of the car in the fading light. I had an […]

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Alfa Romeo Has A New Corporate Plan *Sigh*


I remember back around 2009 or so, I wrote on Saabs United about the fact that Saab had about as many concept cars in 30 years as they had actual production models in 60+ years. We’re not quite at that stage with Alfa Romeo’s re-hashed business plans yet, but we’re not far off. The suits at Fiat held a corporate information day yesterday, which is why your automotive news services were flooded with stories about Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Alfa, etc, etc. Here’s the Alfa presentation, slightly abbreviated but with a few remarks thrown in where appropriate. If you’re an Alfa […]

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Bad Month For Alfa/Mazda and Alpine/Caterham Fantasy Car Lovers


They say that the sea is only salty because of the tears cried by misunderstood sharks that just want to be hugged. They can add my tears to that tally tonight. Earlier this month came the news that a car I was legitimately dreaming of owning one day – a new Alfa Romeo Spider developed in conjunction with a new Mazda MX-5 – was going to be hijacked by either Fiat or Abarth instead. The co-developed car was going to be built by Mazda in Japan but in what appears to be a decision that killed the deal (as far […]

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