Shannons Car Show – March 2015


It’s the first Sunday of the month and normally that means Classics By The Beach. This month, however, it meant the annual Shannons car show held at Rosny Park, just down the hill from home. Fine conditions early were tempered by light showers in the early afternoon. There was a great turnout, nonetheless. I missed a few hours of the show and some cars had already left by the time I got there, but thankfully a mate named Bruce was there earlier and has chipped in with some of his photos to complete the story. It’s a mega-gallery, this one. […]

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Quick Review: 2015 Detroit Auto Show


Press days at the Detroit Auto Show are now done and dusted. I didn’t follow things in detail but there were a few standout cars and announcements that made enough noise to be heard over the miles. All pics borrowed from Autoblog. I’ll put them back when I’m done. Promise. —— Buick Avenir Concept OMG! Swade’s mentioning a GM vehicle and he’s not suggesting it looks like a horse’s ass!! No, it doesn’t. Some might even call it attractive. Or maybe just handsome. I’m not fussed. I just wanted to mention the Buick Avenir Concept because much of the design […]

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Classics By The Beach – December 2013

Classics By The Beach

Last weekend was a weekend of car shows and with cracking weather, the shows were absolutely outstanding. First we had the annual Italian Car Show organised by Club Motori Italia. You can see lots of photos at that link. People I’ve spoken to within CMI say it was the best turnout they’ve had at that show, maybe ever. Sunday, being the first Sunday in the month, it was Classics By The Beach down at Sandy Bay. If Saturday’s weather was considered fine, Sunday’s was amazing. It got the cars out of people’s garages, too, as ‘Classics’ was huge!

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Italian Car Show Hobart 2013

CMI display 2013

Club Motori Italia held their annual vehicle display on the Parliament House lawns today. I managed to take a little time out from our market stall at Salamanca to pop down and have a look (thankfully, the market and the Parliament lawns are right next to each other). It was a great display this year, with a fine variety of cars including Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Fiat, Lamborghini, Lancia, Maserati and De Tomaso. Both old cars and new. As always, I’m thoroughly impressed by the range and quality of cars hiding away in our little state. I’ve got a Subaru Brumby […]

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Classics By The Beach – September 2013


Yesterday was the first day of Spring! It was a beautiful Spring day, too. Being the first Sunday in September, it was also Father’s Day here in Australia. The good weather brought out some cars that might have otherwise stayed tucked away, but I think Father’s Day kept a few away as we had a slightly quieter Classics By The Beach. It seemed to be an older crowd with more older cars rather than just classic cars. It was a slightly smaller crowd, too, but none of that means that things were less interesting. There was a nice little contingent […]

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The Quail

l (7)

I think I’m about to add Pebble Beach to my bucket list of automotive events. It’s a list that I still have to put together, but is being modelled partially on the trip being undertaken right now by the Aussie writer of Any Given Reason – check it out. While Pebble Beach concours features a collection of amazing older metal, the preceding Quail display features classics as well as more contemporary machinery, including some eye-dazzling showcases from manufacturers. The Quail was held over the weekend. Hopefully you’ve already seen the Spyker B6 Venator Spyder, which was unveiled there earlier. Autoblog […]

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Classics By The Beach Car Show – March 2013

Alfa Romeo Giulietta at Classics By The Beach, Hobart

So many times I’ve wandered the automotive internets, seen those Cars n Coffee gatherings and thought to myself “why can’t we have a casual car show here in Hobart?” It turns out we DO have such a gathering and it’s called Classics By The Beach, held on the first Sunday of every month. This morning I took the Alfa for a quick wash and headed on down to Lower Sandy Bay for the show. I was told to be there for a 10am start but despite pulling in at 9:30, there wasn’t a vacant spot in sight. It was a […]

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Saab Owners Club GB at the Classic Car Show, Birmingham

The NEC Classic Car Show is the biggest of its kind in the UK and last weekend, 1,400 cars and many, many more people packed into the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham to take in the automotive sights. The Saab Owners Club GB were there with a wonderful display of classic Saab vehicles. I’m reliably told that a lot of the leg work was done by Ellie W, who is like a force of nature when it comes to organising and promoting these types of activities (my first time meeting Ellie was when he sold me a Saab Owners Club […]

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Saab decision on Frankfurt Motor Show

Saab has decided that the company will not be present at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. Presence at the show requires resources that Saab are currently allocating towards the restart of production in Trollhattan. Whilst it would be desireable to be at the show to help further Saab’s global presence, it is not considered an appropriate use of resources at this time. —— And some thoughts to add some context….. There will be some consternation and hand-wringing over this announcement. Of course, it’s quite regrettable that we can’t be at Frankfurt. It would be great to be there and show […]

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Living in Trollhattan – Wednesday night at the locks

If you’re familiar with summertime in Trollhattan then you’ll already know what this story is all about. If not, then here’s another little snapshot of life in Trollywood. If you ever come to Trollhattan in the summertime, try to include a Wednesday night in your stay here. Why? I’m not sure exactly who organises it, but vintage and veteran vehicle owners from the Trestad area (i.e. three cities – Trollhattan, Vanersborg, Uddevalla) hold an informal car show at the locks in Trollhattan on Wednesday nights. Today was the first day of June, the first day of summer, and a Wednesday, […]

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