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Lamborghini Huracan Side 1

Lamborghini Huracán – Is This Progress?

uestion: How many country and western singers does it take to change a light globe? Answer: 100. 1 to actually change it and 99 to sing about how good the old one was. Here’s another question…… Why is that we all have a tendency to...

MB CLA45 AMG-Frankfurt 16

Thursday Snippets – Frankfurt and non

The Frankfurt Motor Show is on again. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes because the Frankfurt Motor Show is like a small city unto itself. I’m quite sure it’s bigger than the central business district here in Hobart. When I visited Frankfurt, in 2009, there...

Lamborghini Veneno 22

Are Supercars Getting Too Vulgar?

I hate being Mr Negative-Pants, but some of the images I’m seeing at the start at the Geneva Motor Show are making me a little uneasy. I subscribe to the Richard Hammond theory that supercars are meant to be stupendous, they’re meant to be an...