Nissan FulviaSilvia

Nissan Silvia 1

I think I’ve just found the Japanese version of the Lancia Fulvia!! Spotted via Bring-A-Trailer, this is a Nissan Silvia from 1965. Just 554 of these were hand-made over a four year period. It was powered by a 1.6 litre, inline 4-cylinder engine making just 96hp. The car is for sale in Japan for around $20,000 (which is reasonable value for a pretty little car, I reckon). It’s been said that Asian carmakers don’t mind imitating designs by other manufacturers and that’s arguably been the case when these companies are just starting to break into western markets. It’s one less […]

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The Australian Car Industry Changed in February 2013

2013 Nissan Pulsar

A funny thing happened on the way to March 2013 – the Australian car industry changed and it might just be a real, long term change. We’ve been living with a high dollar (compared to the US dollar) since 2009. I remember looking at my website revenues around that time with SU and seeing them falling because all the advertising money the site earned was charged in US dollars. The ads that I had control over were changed fairly quickly and the site was better off for it. Car companies sell their vehicles for high prices in Australia. Some of […]

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Nissan Pumps Up The Volume On Nismo


This is awesome news. Nismo is about to go from being a small factory racing workshop more connected to fans through video games than real cars, to a global performance badge for Nissan’s sports cars. I’m not a massive fan of Japanese cars, as you know, but I do have a special affinity for Nissan. I did all my early driving hours, aged 17, in a Datsun 180B. One of my best friends growing up in Melbourne ended up with a Datsun 260Z. Of all the Japanese companies that put down roots in Australia back in the 1960s and 70’s, […]

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