About Swade

My name is Steven Wade and I’ve been active online as a publisher since February 2005. Swadeology is my personal blog. My previous blogs were in the automotive sphere and up to the end of December, 2011, I worked as a writer/blogger for Saab Automobile AB, in Sweden.

The thoughts on this website are my own and are not related to my employers, past or present.

I was born in 1970. I grew up in Melbourne, where I lived until age 24, when I moved to Hobart, Tasmania. I studied accounting and management, graduating in 1997 and I completed my CPA studies in 2001. I am married and the stepfather to three great human beings, as well as being master to one wonderful dog.

I assert my right to copyright over all written material on this website. It may not be copied or reproduced without permission (which is very easy to get, just ask).