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  1. ” Makes for some great toilet reading”. Toilet reading is kind of a funny phenomenon isn’t it? I wonder how the cave ment handled that.

  2. Hi Steve,
    I know you haven’t posted anything in a long time, but I’m glad the site is back up.
    I’m sure Koonisegg has you very busy!

  3. Steven wade, I just finished reading your report of 14/8/13 regarding buying a saab 9000 aero. I found it a very interesting read plus the added comments from other saab owners. Im well past retirement age and have been thinking of purchasing a 9000 cs ,intending to detail and upgrade . thus giving me an interest. Many people have told me im wasting my time and money on a vehicle 18-30 years old but your article has made me more enthusiastic. There are a few cs advertised locally one with only 115000klms(with service records) .which is worth a look. However finding upgraded parts at reasonably prices will be difficult. I hope the areo is still putting a smile on your face regards allen

  4. Hi Steven ,
    my name is Nick and I’m a SAAB enthusiast like you

    I live in Greece , and my father (Fighter Pilot) had an 96, 2 stroke long nose SAAB, 40 years before,

    It was the first car I droved (shitting in my father knees and steering the wheel when I was 9 years old) , the 96 had to many mechanics failures and he could it afford and finally my father sold it in 1979.

    The years past away… we changed o lot of cars since then, but I always remember the sound of “2 stroke” and the smell of oil!

    After the loss of my father (2007) , I’m trying to restore my good memories from the past.

    After an 9000CD turbo and lately an 9-5 XDW Aero, I never succeed to feel like when I was 9 years old inside the SAAB 96….

  5. Hello Steve, I bought your 9-3 Monte Carlo. Love it! It is still brilliant. I’ve done a few things:
    Short-shift plus close ratio
    Fixed the steering brace and welded fire wall
    Bigger inter cooler
    Adjustable Bilsteins

    It runs wonderfully and mid range is rocket ship.
    Instagram as ‘saabmontecarlo’


    Richard Catchlove

  6. Hi Steve,

    I’ve been a reader of yours for quite a while now and just wanted to touch base on possibly collaborating with you regarding your work, in terms of Social Media for Koenigsegg.

    I work for Car Throttle, the internet’s largest car community, and wanted to have a chat about possibly setting up a profile for you.

    Shoot me an email anytime and I’ll give you the details.

    P.S.: Your recent piece about the 968 has swayed my opinions on the car for the better. I always saw them as a car that you bought because you didn’t want people to know you drove a Porsche, but your look into the ridiculous prices of 911s have really brought me around to them.


  7. G’day Steve
    finally discovered your photos of our Alpine A110 taken in Launceston (Targa Tas) in 2013. Nice shots. Just wanted to let you know that we will be back this year with 2 additional A110 and teh R5 Turbo 2. Drop into the Silverdome or to Simmons Planes on Saturday around 3.30pm (scrutineering).

  8. I am desperately waiting for a comment to “no more Saab’s” or NEVS from you from the Center of the force in Sweden.

  9. Hi Steve !
    I’m a fan of Viggen and I got one myself .
    I found our site some years ago and I find it very interesting to look at the numbers of Viggen and were they were sold . But now I can’t find any tables . For example under Sweden it says ( table id=8 ) . Can you help me to find them ?
    Best regards Ulf Stensson

  10. What is wrong with all the so called Saab forums on the net?
    I have just bought a 93 cabrio, and have tried umpteen times to join something called Saab central, and at least one other whose name I have mercifully forgotten. I fill in all the fields, make up an absurdly long password, and then come across this silly little window that has 2 words in it, and asks me for “my answer”. The 2 words aren’t a question, so how can I give an answer? It strikes me, that if you have a Saab you are on your own, and the smug pr*cks who run these sites don’t want new members. I might be wrong, but having had about 10 goes at it, I am getting nowhere.

  11. Nice site Steve. You’d may recall my 9000CD from Perth?! Back in Oz after a fair time abroad, we’re using a Mercedes as a daily after I tried to preserve a 9-5 Aero Estate….there’s no point in not using it however! Like many of us I regret selling many cars particularly those old 900s I ‘converted’ into bangers while a f/t student! I can add a CX2200 & a Pug 604 to my list. Returning to Oz is a shock from politics to house pricing. Some day that may mean leaving these shores yet again sadly. Anyway the gist of this is congrats ‘re an interesting site & to mention I’m a ‘dreamer’ – someone, somewhere to revive Saab in the spirit of those old C900s! Nice work on depressive illness too, we’ve all been or seen there.

  12. howdy fr arizona USA Yes, I read the article you referred to it is quite good! I suppose I’m not so much a fan of Bob Lutz as just someone who admires a guy who at least tries to tell the truth, yes he got some things wrong (where were his publisher’s fact checkers ? ) and as a Saab fan, fanatic I don’t agree w/ some, many of his statements, conclusions about Saab .(or is it that I, we don’t want to accept some of the truth ? and just don’t like it ! ) it’s very rare for an executive to dish and “tell all ” he does give us insight into WHY the USA car co’s failed and some of those solutions he proposed have worked and are working . there is plenty of justified blame to go around w/ the closure of Saab. I like to say that the Swedish Govt should have bailed Saab out.Hell, we bailed out GM once and Chrysler Twice! And we got our $ back not to mention the thousands of jobs saved. Sweden surely could have afforded it ! they did do something for us – they funded and own ORIO the parts co. for Saab cars and are trying at least to help us, the Million+ owners of Saab cars still on the road. PS I imagine everyone’s seen the brilliant Jeremy Clarkson’s 2 episode BBC Top Gear tv show about Saab? He corroborated some of Lutz’s comments like how Saab was a very naughty carmaker guilty of changing, specifying lots of innovations, improvements GM didn’t want or approve! Aren’t we glad?

  13. Hello Steve, Nice site. I own an American 1991 900 MCY. It was imported in the Netherlands in 2014. Do you have a list of VIN numbers of the ‘real’ MC’s delivered in the USA? I am very anxious to know whether mine is ‘the real thing’.

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